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Penthouse Variations - Full Year Collection (2015)
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Penthouse Variations - Full Year Collection (2015)

Penthouse Variations Magazine - это развлекательный журнал для взрослых с участием эротического и сексуального содержания. Каждый выпуск представляет читателям возмутительных и захватывающих рассказов любительских и реальных.

Penthouse Variations Magazine: Variations is an adult entertainment magazine featuring erotic and sexually explicit content. Every issue presents readers with the outrageous and exciting tales of real-life lovers. The submitted stories never fail to be on the edge and red-hot in nature, and often can be considered over the top from what many are used to reading in pornographic publications. Variations is a spin-off magazine from Penthouse, and differs in that the content focuses on racier sexual topics than its more mainstream mother publication. While Variations is predominantly filled with American’s “sexcapades,” readers will also find stimulating interviews, reviews and uninhibited photographs.

Название: Penthouse Variations
Год: 2015
Номер: 13 Issues
Формат: PDF
Язык: English
Размер: 598 Mb

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