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Ultimate Boot CD Live 0.2.3b (Lnx)
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Ultimate Boot CD Live 0.2.3b (Lnx)
Ultimate Boot CD Live 0.2.3b (Lnx) | 468 Mb

Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) Live is a Debian Linux based LiveCD that was created as a candidate that will eventually replace Parted Magic (within Ultimate Boot CD). Its creation was mostly a result of this forum thread where we discussed what should replace Parted Magic after its author decided to put up a paywall around it.
The eventual Parted Magic replacement should have a few desirable characteristics.

1) It should support existing PM/UBCD modules.
2) It should be easy to customize.
3) It should have similar or lower system/memory requirements as Parted Magic.
4) It should have a user-friendly GUI.

UBCD Live is currently just a proposed candidate for replaceing Parted Magic with UBCD. There is no deadline for the replacement, and it is entirely possible that a better alternative comes along, in which case we will happily embrace that instead. However, after limited alpha testing by a small group of people, I feel it will help the project mature faster if we can get more people to test it and provide feedback.

UBCD Live can be written to a USB memory stick using either Universal USB Installer or LinuxLive USB Creator. Changes can be persisted to the USB memory stick by following the instructions:

1. Write the ISO image to the memory stick using Universal USB Installer or LinuxLive USB Creator.
2. In the root directory, you will find a tiny file called persistence.bz2. Expand that using 7-Zip or some other archival utility. You will get a 1GB file called persistence. All changes you make while booted into UBCD Live will be written to this file.
3. Edit isolinux/live.cfg and add "toram persistence" to all the boot parameters:
label live-486
menu label ^Live (486)
menu default
linux /live/vmlinuz
initrd /live/initrd.img
append boot=live config username=root vga=normal toram persistence

label live-486-failsafe
menu label ^Live (486 failsafe)
linux /live/vmlinuz
initrd /live/initrd.img
append boot=live config username=root memtest noapic noapm nodma nomce nolapic nomodeset nosmp nosplash vga=normal toram persistence

Tools currently included within UBCD Live are:

* LeafPad Text Editor
* LXTerminal 0.2.0-1
* Netsurf Web Browser 3.2+dfsg-2
* SpaceFM File Manager 0.9.4-2
* Xpdf PDF Viewer 3.03-17+b1

* Clamtk Antivirus Scanner 5.15
* Clonezilla Disk Imaging 3.10.11-1
* PC CMOS Cleaner 2.0
* PC Disk Eraser 5.0
* PC Registry Editor 1.0
* PhotoRec File Data Recovery 7.0
* TestDisk Partition Recovery 7.0
* WHDD HDD Diagnostic/Data Recovery 2.1
* XFPROT Antivirus Scanner 2.4expl6

* Fskbsetting Keyboard Setiings 0.3.2
* GNOME Disks 3.12.1-1+b1
* GParted Partition Editor 0.19.0-2
* GSmartControl HDD Health Inspection 0.8.7-1.1
* HardInfo System Information 0.5.1-1.4
* LXRandR Video Resolution Changer 0.3.0-1
* System Stability Tester 1.5.1
* Truecrypt Disk Encryption 7.1a
* Wicd Network Manager
* Systester 1.5.1

* chntpw 1.0-1+b1
* ddrescue 1.19-1
* ddrutility 2.5
* msed 0.22beta
* gdisk/cgdisk/sgdisk/fixparts 0.8.10-2

* Replaced fbautostart with shell script in .icewm/startup.
* Added systester 1.5.1.
* Added LXTerminal icon to desktop.
* Added gnome-disk-utility for storage device management and benchmarking.
* Make SpaceFM interface single-click instead of double-click.

FILE: ubcdlive023b.iso
MD5: 27b85e4c62e7c269ddc879cbc805a9df
SHA1: 6aae66463504127a2f2216ce3f5d815bd8e6481b
SHA-256: bd325ddddf8a678d7b84c6258198df6bdabade02ac012a6caa2b789a3b00baad

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