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Tixati v2.45-1 (x86/x64) + Portable and Optimizing Tixati Guide
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Tixati v2.45-1 (x86/x64) + Portable and Optimizing Tixati Guide
Tixati v2.45-1 (x86/x64) + Portable and Optimizing Tixati Guide | 96.0 Mb

Tixati provides you with a powerful, yet easy to use and flexible application that uses the bittorrent protocol in order to allow peer-to-peer file transfers. Featuring fast average download speed, it comes with advanced charting capabilities and transfer properties.
The main interface is intuitive, allowing inexperienced users to manage downloads easily, while also providing a variety of transfer monitoring statistics, such as the upload ratio and the download time, the download source for each file piece, detailed transfer graphs, incoming and outgoing bandwidth usage charts. Additionally, it displays a list of the connected peers, their address, location and status.

The application comes with full DHT (distributed hash table) implementation for PEX trackerless torrents, enabling you to monitor originated and processed transactions, incoming and outgoing packets and view node tables. Additionally, it includes support for 'magnet links' hashing, which is one of the most recent technologies for finding resources available for download via P2P networks.

Tixati features dedicated functions for helping you configure bandwidth throttling, including trading and seeding limiters, as well as transfer priority options for individual transfers. It enables you to create new transfers and includes efficient peer selection and chocking algorithms.

You can set the number of available download / upload slots, configure upload ratio limits, set download location or adjust transfer trackers. Customizable event logging, system tray notifications, output formatting, port-forwarding are other advantages that this application comes with.

Peer connection encryption and proxy support are designed to ensure transfer security. Other advanced features are also available, such as download prioritization, RSS support, IP filtering, task scheduling or shell integration.

All things considered, Tixati is a full-featured and fast bittorrent client that includes all the necessary tools for facilitating P2P file transfer. Since it implements the latest technologies for finding peers, it is a viable alternative to more popular similar applications.

Tixati Features:
* detailed user interface, with views of individual peers, detailed bitfield graphs, and bandwidth usage charting
* highly flexible bandwidth throttling, including trading/seeding share adjustment and adjustable priority for individual transfers and peers
* efficient peer choking / unchoking algorithms to ensure fast downloads
* easy to create and seed new transfers
* peer, transfer, and system-wide event logging with adjustable detail level and backscroll size
* move downloaded files to new filesystem location while transfer is in progress, even to different partition
* full DHT (Distributed Hash Table) implementation including detailed message traffic charting

New in version 2.45-1 (September 26, 2016)
* faster and more memory-efficient config loading on startup
* support for config files over 4GB
* fixed problems with channel share recursive mirroring, added loop prevention
* update channel share mirrors on channel startup
* Linux/GTK build now supports drag-dropping .torrent files and text with magnet links from shell
* several fixes in Windows drag-drop shell interface
* outgoing stream window now supports drag-dropping media files on list
* outgoing stream window can now load .pls and .m3u playlist files along with the usual .ts and .mp3 media files
* outgoing stream window can now save .pls and .m3u files by right-clicking two or more selected entries
* trackers now report all-time upload/download statistics (same as seen in transfer details tab) instead of re-zeroing on every run
* font size is now adjustable directly from the tray menu under the Layout submenu
* on Windows systems, if directory watch notification fails on a network drive, polling method will automatically be tried
* fixed problems with file replacement confirmation dialogs
* fixed several problems with moving newly-created seeds while initial hash-checking was still underway
* several URL decoding fixes when parsing file:// links from the Linux shell (command line, drag-drop, IPC, etc.)
* fixed crash in bandwidth quota actions when a referenced bandwidth preset no longer exists
* fixed rare crash caused by loading very old configuration files that contain files with a null path
* additional per-file validity-checks when creating new torrents from local files
* updated transfer-initiation routines to prevent needless file allocation under certain error conditions
* better handling of broken symbolic links in Linux file systems
* transfer preload window "Apply to All" option will not override category-capture paths for subsequent transfers
* moving a newly-created seed to another device during initial checking will no longer clear the bitfield
* out of memory termination is handled more gracefully, leaves a log file on desktop
* improvements to channel search algorithms
* core UDP/TCP socket wrappers have improved closedown/lingering semantics
* stream playback pacing algorithms completely re-engineered and re-written, resulting in much smoother playback
* option to launch streams directly with ffplay is now off by default (vlc is still on by default)
* added charts in stream properties window to show validation rate and playback rate
* new PNG rendering engine (for icons and graphics) that is much faster and less error-prone
* fixed several problems with various tree sorting modes in main transfer view layout menu
* better text positioning inside progress bars
* the color of checkboxes in treeviews can now be altered in Settings > User Interface > Custom Colors
* help-handling (F1 key) context subsystem has been replaced
* resource storage tokenization/compression improvements
* major updates to GUI settings and color storage (this will allow future addition of columns without disturbing custom order)
* added several advanced positioning directives to GUI layout engine
* implemented notifications for online contacts
* implemented notifications for private messages from contacts
* several minor fixes in the DHT
* minor fixes in the GUI for channels classic layout
* updated IP-location tables
* fixed temporary allocation errors when a transfer file is forced through download - delete - download cycle
* minor fixes to tray icon / menu and balloon notification system
* seeding auto-stop on ratio/seeds now waits for file-touching upon transfer startup
* move-on-complete paths are now properly cleared after completion, instead of falling back to default
* several other internal upgrades to our GUI layout engine and framework have been made
* fixed errors when creating directories upon transfer move-on-complete and simultaneous incomplete-rename

* Processor speed at or above 1 GHz
* At least 256 MB of free RAM
* High-color monitor with at least 1024x768 display resolution

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2008 (32/64-bit) and Server 2012, 2003
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