HotShots 2.2.0 + Portable
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HotShots 2.2.0 + Portable

HotShots - очень простая и удобная в работе программа для создания снимков экрана. Может сделать снимок просто нужной вам области, всего экрана сразу, активного окна и так далее. Есть неплохой встроенный редактор, туда попадает картинка после снимка, инструментов там много всяких, поэтому отредактировать картинку можно максимально быстро.

HotShots is a screenshot tool with some editing features. It is particularly suitable for writing documentation (as used in the following chapters) but you can use it to highlight some details on a map image or what ever you want. Because HotShots is written with Qt, it runs on Windows and Linux (MacOSX isn't tested yet). Why this name, HotShots? Firstly, I'm a fan of Jim Abrahams's film and my second choice was Screen'n Shot but I'm not sure the pun will be perenne.

Current Features

Grab current screen, all monitors (in case of multi-monitors configuration), current window or a part of the desktop.
Save the screenshot in multiple formats (PNG, JPG, BMP, ...).
Automatically save the screenshot to clipboard, disk or launch the editor tool.
Automatically scale the screenshot to a given size.
Use “system” shortcuts to take a screenshot.
Add automatically some “post-effects” to the screenshot (drop shadow, rotation, border, …).
Add annotation items (text, arrows, rectable, ...) to the snapshot.
Can be minimized to system tray and work in background.
Can be launch at system start-up (Windows).
Export edited image in multiple formats (PNG, JPG, BMP ...).
Save/Restore edited image in proprietary format.
Send image directly to printer or to web service.

Update: 2015
Platforms: WinALL
Languages: ML + RU
Licence: Freeware
Size: 11.4/11.8 Mb

HotShots 2.2.0

HotShots 2.2.0 Portable
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