InViewer 1.2.1 + Portable
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InViewer 1.2.1 + Portable

InViewer - простая в работе программа для просмотра картинок, изображений и фото на ПК под управлением Windows. Помимо просмотра, вы сможете конвертировать GIF в другие графические форматы.

InViewer is a lightwheight and very speedy media viewer for Windows! It supports the most common image formats, and also video and audio formats!

· extremely lightwheight (needs less than a megabyte)
· quick start (about 100ms on a mid-class pc)
· smart and minimalistic user interface
· support for most common media formats (for video, audio and images) in one app
· navigate through your folders just by your keyboard
· create thumbnails nearly without any quality loss
· useful features for your own user experience

Лицензия: FreeWare
Язык: English
ОС: Windows All
Размер: 1.0/1.1 Mb

InViewer 1.2.1

InViewer 1.2.1 Portable
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