Flora A - Contilias (147 HQ JPG) Photoset
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Фотосет: Flora A - Contilias
Формат: JPG
Количество: 147
Разрешение: 4368x2912
Размер: 324,39 MB

Возраст: 20
Цвет глаз: голубой
Цвет волос: блондинка
Рост: 170 см.
Вес: 51 кг.
Размер Груди: Маленький
Замеры: 89/61/90
Страна: Российская Федерация

Bio: I like nature, forests, fields and rivers. I go fishing. I like very small fish, although I feel bad for them, when I catch them. I like campfires,
Boys and tents - that's great. When the fields blossom with flowers,
I fall back to my childhood. I'd like to run, laugh, and weave garlands.
During winter I like skiing and to walk in beautiful winter forest, all in the snow - great.
I want to visit the tropics very much, and go on a yacht. I love people and communicating, dancing and I also sing wonderfully. I have a beautiful voice and an very good ear for it.

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