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Tas Cru - Doggone Blues (2016)
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Tas Cru - Doggone Blues (2016)

Artist: Tas Cru
Title: Doggone Blues
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Crustee Tees Records
Genre: Electric/Acoustic Blues
Quality: FLAC
Total Time: 48:28
Total Size: 274 MB
112 MB

1. My Dog (4:59)
2. Ears Are Draggin' (3:46)
3. Cover My Fur (4:04)
4. Give Me A Biscuit (3:09)
5. Can't Stand The Cat (4:20)
6. Throw Me That Ball (3:50)
7. Bad Dog Bubba (6:22)
8. Maybe (1:58)
9. Won't Let You Make A Fool Of Me (2:33)
10. Mama Won't You Feed Me (4:47)
11. Break My Chain (4:30)
12. Sleepy Time (4:05)

Do dogs get the blues? How do we know? What gives them the blues?
Dogs are simply some of the finest people I know. They are always willing to listen, give comfort and best of all, keep our secrets! The older I get, the less I (Tas Cru) worry about what people think. But I do care what dogs think of me! As I have often said, I am blessed that dogs and kids seem to like me (other adults . . . well? . . . I do try.) So, with this album I get to do something to return their love - an album about dogs, for kids (of all ages) and I get to play the blues doing it - how great is that?
Ok, let's get down to business. So . . . do dogs get the blues? Contrary to what animal behavior experts argue, my fans and I believe they do indeed. Prior to releasing this album I conducted a through and totally accurate and unbiased survey by way of Facebook. The 350+ likes and 100+ comments show conclusively that these experts must never actually have owned a dog! Like many people today who seem to value and trust people's opinions over science, we therefore (you fans + me) proudly proclaim that dogs do indeed get the blues! Check out the fun insert to read about the many ways that dogs show that they do! We hope you enjoy listening to the twelve songs that explore some of these - desire for food and treats, need for longer walks and more playtime, battles with fleas and cats, and simply being misunderstood.

Tas Cru - Doggone Blues (2016)




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