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Gary Eisenbraun - The Window (2016)
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Gary Eisenbraun - The Window (2016)

Artist: Gary Eisenbraun
Title: The Window
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Vison Childe
Genre: Blues Rock
Quality: 320 kbps
Total Time: 74:29
Total Size: 175 MB

1. Blinded By The Headlights (5:37)
2. Outside Looking In (5:30)
3. The Damage You Bring (6:27)
4. Dirty Little Secret (5:17)
5. Still It Remains (6:25)
6. Turning A Blind Eye To Love (7:56)
7. How Fast You Can Fall (5:17)
8. I Can't Change You (5:14)
9. Tripping On Your Wires (4:31)
10. One Day (4:56)
11. Sometimes The Devil Wins (5:05)
12. My Precious Time (5:19)
13. Searching For A Miracle (6:49)

"The Window" is a multi-faceted blues rock experience that never gets too comfortable in any one space, but keeps on twisting and turning through different areas of the blues rock genre. From the first notes of a very nasty groove ("Blinded By The Headlights"), it's clear that we're going to the dark side of town. This trip includes stops that are sometimes soulFULL ("Searching For A Miracle", "Still It Remains"), sometimes guitar powered ("The Damage You Bring", "Turning A Blind Eye To Love"), and others that step solidly into neighborhoods of dirty, pumping rock ("Dirty Little Secret", "Sometimes The Devil Wins")
with a few scattered halts through more reflective terrain ("Outside Looking In", "Tripping On Your Wires", "One Day"). Gary's the tour guide and he carries a guitar and vocalizes with a tongue-in-cheek wittiness.

"The Window" is a culmination of ideas begun on "One Foot Out The Door". Part I: "The Door" started out with snarky, lyric driven guitar songs. Part II: "One Foot Out The Door" headed straight out towards guitar-driven blues rock territory. Which brings us to, part III: "The window". An album that continues the journey with a guitar-driven vengeance. You could call these albums, ...almost... illegitimate brothers of each other.

Gary Eisenbraun - The Window (2016)




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