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The Jon Storey Band - Blues 'n' rocket Fuel (2016)
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The Jon Storey Band - Blues 'n' rocket Fuel (2016)

Artist: The Jon Storey Band
Title: Blues 'n' rocket Fuel
Year Of Release: 2016
Label: Bearmonkey
Genre: Blues, Blues Rock
Quality: 320/Flac
Total Time: 41:51
Total Size: 104/315 Mb


1. Dirty Trix
2. The Blues
3. Let's Have a Party
4. Stumblin' blind
5. Good Situation
6. I'm Howlin' crazy
7. Angeline
8. You Wanted It
9. Push Me Around
10. Rollin' train '79
11. On Your Line

Jon is a guitarist, singer and composer with a vast amount of experience in a variety of musical genres since winning the Tommy Vance Radio One 'Rock Wars' at a very young age. He went on to be a finalist in the prestigious Guitarist Magazine 'Guitarist of the Year' at Wembley playing a Japanese influenced composition from his solo album 'It's A Small World'. The track was as Neville Martin said as he introduced Jon to the live audience ''too complex for the stage band (which included highly respected touring musicians) to accompany Jon'' so he became the only finalist to play to his own backing track. More of Jon's history on the Biog page.

His current release 'Blues 'n' Rocket Fuel' is a self penned Blues/Rock album (written and produced by Jon) which was recorded, mixed and mastered in August/September 2015 after The Jon Storey Band won a battle of the bands competition near Madrid Spain and promptly gained a record deal. The band consisting of Miguel Angel España Garcia Drums and Tutxi Rodrigues Bass have been busy promoting the single Dirty Trix with radio interviews and live TV performances. They are also out 'on the road' promoting the album which is available at concerts in a CD format as well as digital download in iTunes, Spotify etc.

Jon has a wide variety of influences, (even citing George Gershwin at the Guitarist of the Year final) he says ''As musicians, whether we realise it or not we are all influenced by everything we hear and at some point it will come out in what we play or write''. His roots are firmly planted in blues and rock..Peter Green, Gary Moore (and every other guitarist that was in Thin Lizzy), SRV, Jeff Beck, Rory Gallagher and of course Jimmy Page. Although these influences helped shape his ideas on the guitar he never copied anything from any of them note for note because ''I like to try and soak up what they convey to me by listening without studying or analysing as this would detract from the magic I'm listening to..after all I'm a music lover not a music analyst and I play for music lovers not analysts''

Jon has been involved with many bands and been hired for various types of session work over the last 25 years but has always had (in the background) The Jon Storey Band consisting of guitar, bass, drums and a front man until 2014 when he was encouraged by many people in Spain to sing and front the band himself because he has a unique style and a very 'up front' funny and confident personality which comes across on stage now he is the front man.

Stratocasters and low wattage valve amps cranked with a bit of reverb and a wah wah are the order of the day because ''It's too cluttered otherwise and detracts from the pain of wrenching those notes out of the Strat especially now I'm singing..I don't want to be tap dancing too ;-)'' and he is still ''wrenching those notes'' from his 'Red Devil' Strat that he's been playing for over 20 years. If you ask Jon about the guitar he will explain why it has all the marks on it.. '' I used to throw it on the floor and play it with my feet and drag it around by the lead...a friend a of mine had to put the body back together after a particularly exuberant gig...and it's had to be re-fretted several times but these days I treat it with the respect it deserves''

The Jon Storey Band - Blues 'n' rocket Fuel (2016)




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