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Heatwave - Always and Forever (2016) FLAC
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Heatwave - Always and Forever (2016) FLAC

Artist: Heatwave
Title of Album: Always and Forever (Love Songs and Smooth Grooves)
Release Date: June 29, 2016
Label: © 2016 Big Break Records (#CDBBR0290)
Genre: Funk, Disco, Soul, R&B
Tracks: 17
Playing Time: 01:19:13
Quality: Flac (tracks) | lossless (846 kbps avg.)
Total Size: 503.5 Mb

The cooler side of Heatwave – Love Songs & Smooth Grooves from the group's mid-to-late 70s peak and their strong, if comparably obscure early 80s records alike – and a key reminder that the group had an equally deft hand for sublime, mellower soul as they did for more upbeat cookers!
It kicks off with the classic "Always And Forever", a slow jam classic as eternal in our eyes as its title, and truth be told, this carefully compiled collection is full of great numbers! Many of cuts included are from the Rod Temperton era, but the late number here are wonderful, too – with 17 tracks in all! Others include "Mind Blowing Decisions", "Happiness Togetherness", "Find It In Your Heart", "Turn Around", "All Talked Out", "Sho'Nuff Must Be Love", "Birthday (Long Version)", "Where Did I Go Wrong", "All You Do Is Dial", "Turn Out The Lamplight", "That's The Way We'll Always Say Goodnight" and more...


Heatwave - Always and Forever (2016) FLAC

01. Always and Forever {06:16}
02. Mind Blowing Decisions {04:19}
03. Where Did I Go Wrong {04:20}
04. Happiness Togetherness {04:02}
05. Look After Love {05:36}
06. Turn Out The Lamplight {04:50}
07. That's The Way We'll Always Say Goodnight {04:20}
08. All You Do Is Dial {04:12}
09. Find It In Your Heart {04:41}
10. Turn Around {04:55}
11. All Talked Out {04:35}
12. The Star Of A Story {05:47}
13. Lay It On Me {03:17}
14. Razzle Dazzle {04:16}
15. Leavin' For A Dream {03:25}
16. Sho'nuff Must Be Love {04:05}
17. Birthday (Long Version) {06:06}

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