Cummins INSITE 7.6
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Cummins INSITE 7.6

Cummins INSITE 7.6

Cummins INSITE 7.6 | 1.14 GB

Description: The program for the dealer diagnostic systems, motor control Cummins. The program has several levels of functionality defined by the entered password access. Multi language interface, but the program does not switch, you must immediately put on the fact that more like it to work.

Extras. Information: For proper operation requires diagnostic interface, compliant with RP1210. For example Dearborn DPA-4 + or Nexiq USB-Link. Either the native interface or Inline Inline 4 5, Inline 6

Year / Issue Date: 2013

Version: 7.6.0

System requirements: Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit are now supported

Windows XP 64-bit and Vista 64-bit are now supported

Windows 2000 is no longer supported

Language: English + Russian

Crack: None


Категория: » Программы
Теги: Cummins, INSITE

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