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Isotropix Clarisse IFX 1.6 SP1 with Content
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Isotropix Clarisse IFX 1.6 SP1 with Content

Isotropix Clarisse IFX 1.6 SP1 with Content

Isotropix Clarisse IFX 1.6 SP1 with Content | 608 Mb

Isotropix, a privately held software company developing high-end innovative graphics software solutions, announced a major update on its product for its game-changing application Clarisse iFX.

In its latest 1.6 release, resulting from a close work with smaller sized studios, Clarisse, is now plug & play and can be easily integrated in any pipeline including freelancers' and small to mid-sized studios'.

New in Clarisse 1.6

- Personal Learning Edition (PLE) Mode
You can now choose to start it in PLE by typing clarisse -ple. Note: Clarisse can be started in PLE if not valid license is found.
- New Node Locked Licensing
Clarisse now provides node locked licensing scheme. Node locked licenses are bound to the machine and don't need Ilise to run.
- New CRender
CRender is a new application designed only to render images. Unlike CNode, it doesn't provide any scripting ability, has no interactive shell mode and can't read directly Clarisse project files. Instead, it reads as input a special render archive format that needs to be exported from Clarisse.

About Isotropix

Sam Assadian and Sebastien Guichou, Isotropix two founders, spent most of their careers in the animation industry finding innovative solutions to improve image creation process involving computer graphics.

Working in pair since 1996, they are internationally renowned for their very rare expertise. Indeed, beyond being first class graphics software engineers, founders are also high-end 3D artists and worked for feature films, TV, TV commercials, AAA game cinematics.

They evolved in prestigious animation studios. They were directly involved in the design and development of several production pipelines integrating most graphics software. They also developed many proprietary tools. This unusual career path gives them a very unique vision of the animation industry and its graphics software market.

Isotropix was born out of the observation that during these past 20 years, graphics software workflows became more and more complex and less and less well-adapted to artistic needs facing economic reality.


Name: Isotropix Clarisse IFX
Version: 1.6 SP1
Home: www.isotropix.com
Interface: english
OS: Windows Vista / Seven / 8






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