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The Foundry Hiero 1.8v1 (64bit)
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The Foundry Hiero 1.8v1 (64bit)

The Foundry Hiero 1.8v1 (64bit)

The Foundry Hiero 1.8v1 (64bit) | 468.5 mb

Leading software developer, The Foundry has released the new versions of HIERO 1.8 and HIEROPLAYER. These will include new Quicktime colour handling controls, a wide range of enhancements to optimise playback, new audio level controls, the ability to use custom readers and a whole host of additional improvements and fixes.

HIERO 1.8 offers a range of user driven new features and improvements to HIERO and HIEROPLAYER, focusing on both interoperability with NUKE and core workflow enhancements.

Quicktime colour handling controls, the result of a joint HIERO & NUKE development project, a wide range of enhancements to optimise playback, new audio level controls, the ability to use custom readers and a whole host of additional improvements and fixes, make HIERO 1.8 the perfect companion to NUKE for any production.

- New Quicktime color handling controls
HIERO 1.8 improves the way HIERO and HIEROPLAYER handle color when reading quicktime files. These improvements not only help to secure better results by default for automatic color handling, but also give users enhanced control over the parameters and adjustment settings to fine tune results when needed. These improvements are also reflected in the latest release of NUKE.
- Enhanced playback performance
HIERO and HIEROPLAYER 1.8 feature a large number of tweaks and improvements that ensure the movement of image data from disk, to ram cache, to the viewer is significantly faster and more reliable. This has been achieved through the addition of: Half size optimization, making proxy, or low res, playback faster, a new Cineon fast path reader ensuring larger file formats can be read quickly, new Project Load Optimization and Timeline view optimizations that make it much faster to scrub through the timeline when working on long sequences.
- New editing audio controls
HIERO 1.8 gives users access to Per Track and Per Item Volume Controls that enable the individual control of volume on differing tracks and differing items in the timeline within both HIERO and HIEROPLAYER.
- Custom image readers
HIERO 1.8 adds the ability to use custom image readers built against the standard NUKE API. This new functionality enables HIERO and HIEROPLAYER to fall back to custom NUKE readers when dealing with unrecognizable formats.

HIERO and HIEROPLAYER 1.8v1 release notes: Hiero_1.8v1_ReleaseNotes.pdf

About The Foundry

The Foundry was established in 1996. It is now the fastest-growing company in its field today, and is internationally renowned for its product design and collaborative and open approach to development.

Led by CEO Bill Collis and a management team that still includes the original founders, The Foundry is backed by The Carlyle Group with a substantial portion still owned by the staff.

In September 2012, The Foundry merged with Luxology, an independent US-based technology company. As a joint entity the company develops award-winning computer graphics and visual effects (VFX) software used globally by leading artists and designers.

The Foundry has a stable of award-winning 2D and 3D VFX software including its industry standard compositor NUKE. Luxology is well known for its innovative 3D modelling and rendering technology and its flagship product, modo.

This rapidly growing global company now has more than 200 employees distributed between its London, Mountain View and Los Angeles offices.

Name: The Foundry Hiero
Version: (64bit) 1.8v1
Home: www.thefoundry.co.uk
Interface: english
System Requirements: Windows 7 64bit with the latest version of QuickTime installed
Size: 468.5 mb

Bonus: The Foundry HieroPlayer 1.8v1


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