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Soundiron Acoustic Saz KONTAKT SCD DVDR-SONiTUS
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Soundiron Acoustic Saz KONTAKT SCD DVDR-SONiTUS

Soundiron Acoustic Saz KONTAKT SCD DVDR-SONiTUS

Soundiron Acoustic Saz KONTAKT SCD DVDR-SONiTUS | 3.94 GB

Welcome to Soundirons Acoustic Saz library! Acoustic Saz is a truly, deeply sampled 5-string acoustic saz baglma library for Kontakt with a huge range of extended content, an innovative new custom interface and cutting-edge powerful performance features. This beautiful fretless Saz was procured directly from the streets of Turkey, where master craftsman have been building them by hand for centuries. We painstakingly sampled all three runs of strings (low octave, middle single and high unison) with a massive 12x round robin and up to 6 velocity layers for open notes on an octave and a half per string. Continuing the depth are palm mutes, string chokes, release samples and a slew of percussive effects all at 12x round robin with multiple velocity layers.

We set out to make the Acoustic Saz the most realistic, playable and flexible instrument we could, expertly capturing its naturally beautiful sound in stunning clarity and unmatched depth. With a powerful custom interface, intelligent pluck mode, hand position, tuning, key range, chord, strum, legato, arpeggiation, effects rack and advanced custom performance technologies, we put the power of the real instrument right in your hands. Enjoy!


The Saz is a very expressive instrument, so we carefully sampled a wide legato, or slide range for all three runs of strings with multiple velocity layers and 4x round robin. Our exciting new interface offers unique control over how a note is played and which string it is played on, allowing you to flip between features instantly at the push of a button. Hammer-on, pull-off, slide, choke and palm mute are all controlled on a per string (or all strings) basis, which can be momentary (as long as a key is held) or latching (turned on and off with subsequent presses of the key).

Weve also included an intelligent auto-strumming system called the Strumulator, giving you instant access to 12 different chords which automatically ensures that each note is played on the appropriate string. There are special patches for creating custom tunedpercussion blends, effects, Uberpeggiator and of course ambiences.

Each and every preset also includes a powerful Effects control panel, featuring a parametric EQ for tone shaping and our powerful exclusive Uberpeggiator system, capable of freestyle and 32-step tempo-synched humanized groove creation, sustaining rolls, chord- and key-constraint and custom arpeggiation pattern saving and loading.

Brand new to the Acoustic Saz is our powerful Effects Rack system. This new system gives you an elegant and intuitive interface with access to a wide range of effects including Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Dynamics, Drive (featuring 4 different effects), 2 amp sims, 8 cabs, EQ, Filter, tempo-synched Delay and convolution Reverb with a bunch of new custom impulses.


Deep-sampled Articulation:

- Open notes covering 1 octaves per string (12x RR)

- Note releases covering 1 octaves per string (12x RR)

- Palm Mute notes covering 1 octaves per string (12x RR)

- Choked notes per string (12x RR)

- True legato slide samples covering over an octave per string (4x RR)

- 5 Different body impacts (12x RR)

- A variety of string scrape effects

- Dozens of finger slide sound effects ranging from short to long
22 sound design ambient pads and leads built from bowing, eBowing and other methods

The Acoustic Saz includes a brand new innovative interface for amazing control:

- Performance controls closely simulate real-world saz Functionality

- Tuned Percussion preset type that allows two simultaneous yet independently controlled layers.

- 70 custom environmental, room and FX reverbs integrated into every preset

- The Uberpeggiator meta-arp system with velocity step sequencer, humanization, adaptive modes, roll simulation, chord and scale control and custom pattern loading (K5 only)

- The Strumulator strumming system provides easy 1-key strums based on 12 different chords using multi-samples.

- The Uberpeggiator meta-arp system with velocity step sequencer, humanization, adaptive modes, roll simulation, chord and scale control and custom pattern loading (K5 only)

- The Glissatron arppegiation system provides easy 1-key glisses and arpeggios based on a variety of scales with customizable rhythm, direction, velocity and humanization.

- Powerful new FX Rack with 8 fully-automatable FX modules from distortions to reverb.

NKI Program Presets

Youll need the full retail version of Kontakt 5 or later to use the nki presets in this libary. Weve also included legacy K4 versions of the main presets as well for Kontakt 4 users. Sorry, the free Kontakt Player does not support this library and cannot be used to play it beyond a 15-minute demo period.






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