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Tekla Structure 20.0 /(64bit)
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Tekla Structure 20.0 /(64bit)

Tekla Structure 20.0 /(64bit)

Tekla Structure 20.0 (64bit) | 783.0 mb

Tekla, a leader in Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, has announced the availability of Tekla Structures 20, the newest version of its BIM software.

The company said it improves construction workflow efficiency by providing the means to better organise models, manage tasks and avoid structural clashes.

As BIM penetrates construction industry processes, architectural trends produce increasingly complex shapes, and buildings include more refined technology, information exchange becomes progressively more important. While information management remains at the core of BIM, building todays structures requires more information than ever before. Tekla Structures 20 meets this requirement by expanding the capacity of constructable Tekla models to easily handle the large amounts of information needed to accurately reflect the detail contained in complex build structures, it said.

To ease the management of the massive amounts of constructable building information needed for contemporary structures, Tekla Structures 20 also offers several improved tools:

- Organiser delivers more efficient model information management and increased automation.
- Task Manager offers a systematic way to plan detailing, fabrication and erection on site.
- Clash Check Manager allows communicating, assigning, coordinating and avoiding structural conflicts before they appear on site to help save money and time.

What new in Tekla Structure 20.0 : www.tekla.com


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