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PSA DiagBox v7.36 Multilanguage
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PSA DiagBox v7.36 Multilanguage

PSA DiagBox v7.36 Multilanguage

PSA DiagBox v7.36 Multilanguage | 2.94 GB

Dealer diagnostic program for car PEUGEOT & CITROEN. ONLY works with the original Chinese and adapters XS Evolution Lexia3, regardless of revision.

Extras. Information: Installation Videomanual on YouTube from scarymistake: YouTube:

Password to install updates "scary01".
The patch does not need anything , everything is done.
Inside hand :
DiagBox V7.02 Already patched.iso - iso- image with software
Update update directory .
Setup Drivers DiagBox - driver .
PSA Interface Checker Install - program to change the firmware interface XS Evolution.
Psa_Dam_Org_Build_Code - DAM number calculator by date of manufacture cars and vice versa.
TLCDfix - utility for disabling the code when telekodirovanii
Installation Instructions DiagBox v.7.xx - nakidal new instruction .

NOTE observation from scarymistake:
When you install the update over the 7.06-7.07 V7.02 or V7.04 removed file "APPDIAG.SYS" (file location "C: \ AWRoot \ bin \ fi").
To work correctly, do backup file "APPDIAG.SYS", put new clothes and fill back "APPDIAG.SYS".

Year / Issue Date : 2013
Version 7.36
System requirements : Windows 32bit, Intel
Language: Multilingual (Russian present )
Medicine: Disinfected

PSA DiagBox v7.36 Multilanguage


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