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NUMECA FINE OpenTM 3.1/2 Windows x86, x64, linux x86 x64
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NUMECA FINE _ OpenTM 3.1/2 Windows x86, x64, linux x86 x64

NUMECA FINE   OpenTM 3.1/2 Windows x86, x64, linux x86 x64

NUMECA FINE / OpenTM 3.1-2 Windows x86, x64, linux x86 x64 | 4.14 GB

The program FINE / Open (old name Fine / Hexa ) - calculated CAE software package for solving general-purpose CFD problems in hydrodynamics, gas dynamics, aerodynamics (simulation of complex internal and external flows).

Complex structure FINE / Open : HEXPRESS : automatic mesh generator for hexahedral mesh generation; HEXPRESS / hybrid : the newest advanced generator geksadominantnyh nets; HEXSTREAM : 3D Reynolds equations solver; CFView : visualization and analysis of results of the decision; OpenLabs : module to add their own models; FINE GUI : interactive graphical user interface. Key Benefits FINE / Open : automatic generation of structured and unstructured meshes of high quality; wide range of physical models and turbulence models; rapid convergence of the solution due to the original multigrid scheme; use of technology adaptation (grinding / enlargement) grids in the solution process, high-quality results through sustainable sampling schemes of high accuracy, fast and convenient visualization solutions. HEXPRESS - a unique innovative mesh generator that automatically creates high-quality hexahedral meshes for complex geometric objects: the fuselage, suspension, chassis, internal and external geometry of aircraft engines, internal passages cooled turbine blades, air intakes, etc.. Using this tool reduces preparation time to the calculation problem and simplifies the work of engineer by automatically constructing high-quality hexahedral meshes with viscous boundary layer explicit permission. Main advantages: the possibility of direct import of CAD geometry eliminates the need to build a grid on the surface, allowing the grid to finish building automatically from volume to surface ; function wizard: quick and simple meshing, automatic mesh refinement based on user settings, or by setting the condensation region, batch mode, a powerful optimization algorithm, smoothing grids. OpenLabs - powerful module that extends the standard capabilities of FINE / Open. OpenLabs to add new physical models and modify existing user desires. This does not require programming skills, saving considerable time. OpenLabs With you can : change or add to the model constants enhance the transport equation (convection, diffusion, sources) to make changes in the original decision, the boundary conditions to make the source term in the transport equation coefficients change diffusion transport equations to solve conservative or conservative, user-defined transport equation. Application: PC FINE / Open is used to solve a wide range of practical problems in fluid dynamics modeling chislennog field of aviation, aerospace, turbomachinery, medical, automotive, civil engineering, etc .

Year / Date : 2014
Version: 3.1-2
Developer: NUMECA International Inc.
Developer: www.numeca.com
Bit: 32bit +64 bit
Compatibility with Vista: unknown Compatible with Windows 7: complete Compatible with Windows 8: full
Language: English
Medicine: Present ( TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ )




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