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PG Music Band in a Box 2014 Build 381 Retail
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PG Music Band in a Box 2014 Build 381 Retail

PG Music Band in a Box 2014 Build 381 Retail

PG Music Band in a Box 2014 Build 381 Retail | 8.32 GB

Award winning software Band-in-a-Box is very easy to use! Just enter the chords of any song using standard chord symbols (like C, Fm7 or C13b9), select the desired style, and the rest will be Band-in-a-Box. Band-in-a-Box automatically generates a complete professional quality arrangement with piano, bass, drums , guitar and strings in a wide range of popular styles - jazz, pop , country, blues, classical , Latin music, rock and many others.

Band-in-a-Box 2014 , a number of groundbreaking new features. We redesigned graphical user interface, giving it a stunning new look and feel , and added to the program a large number of time-saving features. Enjoy the new toolbar area composition with the [ Computer ] ([Song]) and [Style ] ([Style]), mixer screen , recycled sheet chord with realistic -looking " handwritten " fonts, etc. Now you can create your own original styles RealTracks - we called them UserTracks - and use them like any other styles RealTracks. Simply record your playing a musical instrument (with any DAW), flattering compositions BB, put the files into a folder created UserTracks, and you're done ! Function provides a convenient " instant " preview styles , RealTracks and RealDrums, so that you can quickly listen to them , choosing the most suitable for your composition. Sound loops (Loops) now support the format "Acid Loops", so that reading the information on temperature / basic tone chord is automatic . Added support for Guitar "FretLight ?". Now Band-in-a-Box can sing, with added built-in support of popular web vocal synthesizer "Sinsy". Now everything can be louder - a new regulator overall volume level (Master Volume) allows you to increase the volume level of all tracks with a single setting. And much more ...

101 RealTracks for stunning style of jazz , pop and country :
28 jazz styles RealTracks: We present to you a series of jazz styles RealTracks " Leaders polls ." This new styles RealTracks, recorded by professional jazz musicians , the best of the best. These artists often became winners in the nomination " Best Performer " in the polls of critics and readers conducted by the magazine " downbeat " ("Downbeat"). Our range of styles RealTracks " Leaders poll" includes Ron Carter (Ron Carter) ( bass) , Kenny Baron (Kenny Barron) ( Piano), Lewis Nash (Lewis Nash) ( drums) , Gary Smulyana (Gary Smulyan) ( baritone saxophone) , Phil Woods (Phil Woods) ( alto saxophone ) and Pat Martino (Pat Martino) ( guitar) . The series includes styles for jazz swing , ballads , waltz and bossa nova , as well as new styles with RealTracks jazz electric piano and jazz piano in the genre of light music .
32 country - style RealTracks: We collected a stunning new New Orleans " orchestra " RealTracks ( piano , drums, bass, guitar ) , headed by the great pianist Kevin McKendry (Kevin McKendree). Legendary guitarist from Nashville Brent Mason (Brent Mason) returns with two new styles Accompanying RealTracks guitar with nylon strings ( in the rate of 85 and 120) and two new soloing styles : crossover ( at a pace of 75 , with the 16th- swing ) and " The Vow "(" Promise ") ( at a pace of 100 , with even a 16- mi). Added nine folk , Celtic and country styles for the Irish bouzouki . Enjoy the new country - waltzes, shuffles and soloed styles performed by artists titled : the winner of " the C -Em - Hey " John Jarvis (John Jarvis), 13 -times winner of the International Association of bluegrass music (International Bluegrass Music Association) in nomination " Artist of the Year " by Rob Ickes (Rob Ickes) ( resonator guitar) and " champion Violin and mandolin " Andy Leftwich (Andy Leftwich).
41 pop-/rok-stil RealTracks: Attention! - Added novoorleanskie boogie styles ( for piano , bass, drums and guitar ) , "background " style backgrounds performed the brass section , funky electric piano and clavinet from piano music legend John Jarvis (John Jarvis), funk rhythms 60s / 70s for bass , piano and percussion , synth new dance styles , blues backgrounds on baritone saxophone and more!

It offers 54 new style MIDI SuperTracks in 8 sets. 23 pop - style ( 3 sets ), 18 jazz style ( 3 sets ), 17 country - style ( 2 sets ) . You can play back MIDI SuperTracks styles using any MIDI- voices , including our new high-quality 8 (Hi-Q) MIDI- voices . ... And much more !

System requirements :
?? Windows 2000 / HT / XP / Vista / 7 & 8 (32 or 64 -bit)
?? Memory (RAM) : 512 MB minimum
?? The amount of free hard disk space : at least 800 MB. RealDrums to install and / or RealTracks require additional free space on the hard disk , the rate of about 100 - 400MB on a set of styles and RealDrums about 100 - 400MB to a toolbox RealTracks.
?? Sound Card PC- or MIDI- standard module .

Extras. Information : This version of the program for the first time require activation. attached - for the original version and the updated 378 381




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