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Ueberschall 0n the R0ck ELASTIK
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Ueberschall 0n the R0ck ELASTIK

Ueberschall 0n the R0ck ELASTIK

Ueberschall On the Rock ELASTIK

TEAM MAGNETRiXX 01 May 2014 | 5.17 GB

On the Rock raises hell! This massive library offers no-compromise-rock sound with a broad spectrum.

On the Rock offers a broad spectrum of different rock styles. This production does not focus on a certain sub-genre era but combines the best rock styles of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Here, our musicians simply turned up the amplifiers and hit hard! The result is a library that mirrs the facets of rock of three decades.


On the Rock contains 15 elabated construction kits in a classic structure. Each of the seven kits offers between seven and thirteen parts with intro, outro, verse, chus with different variations, turns and breaks. With this structure, building conclusive base-arrangements is done in just a couple of minutes.

Typically, the parts are at least eight bars in length, with some loops even lasting 16 bars. The construction kits? complexity allow creating vital and varying tracks. And of course, you may just pick certain elements of a kit to be used as classic sample-loops f remixes crossover tracks.


Besides a full mix, drum mix and backing, every kit contains all instruments as individual tracks. This way, the instruments can be easily edited, mixed being exchanged.

On the Rock comprises an acoustic drum kit, electric bass, electric and acoustic guitars as well as gans. All instruments have been played by experienced studio musicians using high quality equipment to perfectly preserve the powerful sound of the instruments and amplifiers.

Special attention has been paid to mic?ing the drum kit with multiple microphones: Bass drum (in/out), snare (top/bottom), overheads, room mics, toms and hi-hat. All drums are available as perfectly prepared individual tracks f your personal mixes. Ready to be individually treated with dynamics, equalizers, effects even drum replacement tools.

Then again, you may always come back to the professional drum mixdown that does not only serve as audio demonstration but also f direct use in time-crucial productions.

On the Rock offers a vast array of ideas and base material f rock production in various styles. Whether you are in need f song starters, complete backings, f a source f single sample-loops, this is the library f you!

Likewise, the construction kits are equally suited f jingles, trailers, television- radio advertisements, film scing, games and presentations whenever rock sound is required. Our Elastik-Player suppts a fast wkflow as well as creative use of samples.

Genre: Rock

Elastik Soundbank f


6.6 GB, 15 Construction Kits

1940 Rock Loops




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