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Cakewalk S0NAR X3e Build 352 Producer
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Cakewalk S0NAR X3e Build 352 Producer

Cakewalk S0NAR X3e Build 352 Producer

Cakewalk SONAR X3e Build 352 Producer | 7.5 GB

SONAR X3 Skylight interface enables the highest quality and convenience of working with each step in creating a track , going from recording to editing and easy coming back . Each of the components is unique - has received universal recognition Rapture synthesizer or sound characteristic of guitar processing TH2 Producer.

Download the app for cwer.ws, record audio fragments , deal with them , slice and manipulate them live using the Matix. Modular processing of each channel ProChannel allows flexible use of all necessary tools and digital audio can inspire tube warmth Console Emulator. All editing and editing in any windows SONAR is a unified tool Smart Tool. The program was made hundreds of improvements and enhancements , making SONAR X2 by far the best software product for creating music.

Main features of SONAR Producer:
ProChannel - built into each channel and bus processing suite comprising modeling compressing apparatus , EQ and tube sound . Allows you to completely change the composition and the routing of circuits on your own.
Session Drummer 3 - professional VST percussion instruments , including kits from Steven Slate (Steven Slate), Ocean Way (Ocean Way), the original 707 , 808 , 909 , and 700 samples of finished drawings.
Dimension Pro - multitimbral synthesizer with 4 games . More samples 8GB (1500 patches ) include: bass , strings , pads , the Garritan Pocket Orchestra and more
Mastering effects . Treat your mix 64-bit EQ and Multi-band compressor
Per-channel effects - VX- 64 7- tier vocal processing chain and PX- 64 7- tier chain dot correction
TruePianos Amber gives the most accurate simulation of the piano , while the lowest downloading computer processor

Other features include:
Unlimited number of tracks
AudioSnap - multichannel audio material to work with . Editing timing , quantize , and even convert audio to MIDI.
V-Vocal - a complete solution for work with vocals , from the pitch- correction to create ultra- modern vocal effects
Surround Sound supports up to 30 formats Surround . Optimal to create soundtracks for video, computer games and any other highly demanding projects
T Series Effects - Transient Shaper for detuning drum and other dynamic sounds plus the Tube Leveler to give your sound tube warm shade
Sonitus Effects Suite - 11 audio effects including reverb , compressor , auto-wah, Delay , and more
Rapture LE - " charged" more than 200 presets Rapture LE. Easy version of the software synthesizer Rapture, won numerous awards.
RGC Suite - legendary synths from RGC, including such as Z3TA + 1.5, SFZ Pro, Pentagon, and other
Matrix View - nonlinear tools for creating beats and arrangements
Step Sequencer - toolkit for writing bits , bass , loops and more. Gives a " real feel" of process control .
Essential Instruments - a huge collection of software tools, including strings, bass , drums, electric piano , TTS- 1 General MIDI, DropZone Sampler, and more
Essential Effects - 31 audio effects including reverb , chorus, compressor , limiter , and more
32/64 bit programs . To fully use the power of 64 -bit operating systems with plenty of synths and effects without the constraints of RAM

System requirements :
Windows 7 or Windows 8 (32 and 64 -bit). XP and Vista are no longer officially supported.
Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.67 GHz / AMD Phenom Quad Core 9750 2.4 Ghz or higher
2GB of RAM
1280x800 minimum screen resolution
4.5GB for minimal install, 20GB recommended




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