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JixiPix S0ftware Suite/ (11.11.2013) Repack
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JixiPix S0ftware Suite/ (11.11.2013) Repack

JixiPix S0ftware Suite/ (11.11.2013) Repack

JixiPix Software Suite (11.11.2013) Repack

SIZE : 1.38 GB

Ultimate Photography Suite - JixiPix presents the ultimate photography suite. If your talents lean towards the artistic, this is a must have collection for maximum expression in photography. Artista Series - This award winning artistic collection features a suite of natural media such as oil, pencil, stylized watercolor, and ink. Using intelligent algorithms your photo will automatically transform into an artistic masterpiece with options to customize and fine-tune. Creative Collection - Our creative apps are for the creative professional or individual looking for an easier way to bring power and emotion to their images and creative compositions.

Artista Haiku
Create a stylized watercolor with inky outlines.
Artista Oil
Turn a photo into an oil painted masterpiece.
Artista Sketch
Convert your photo into a drawing with light wispy shading.
Dramatic Black & White
Make a black & white photo with light contrast and form.
Rock your photo with unwell textures and tones.
Kyoobik Photo
Turn a mundane photo into 3D popping geometric shapes.
Moku Hanga
Transform a photo into a painted Japanese wood carved scene.
NIR Color
Convert a photo into a magical and surreal infrared scene.
Pop Dot Comics
Create a comic with colored halftones and speech bubbles.
Portrait Paint
Auto paint a gallery-style portrait on linen canvas.
Rainy Daze
Give your photo the power and emotion of a rainy day.
Romantic Photo
Add romance to your photo with dreamy mood and ambiance.
Simply HDR
Turn a photo into unparalleled ranges of light and detail.
Snow Daze
Create a snowy day memory with your picture.
Vintage Scene
Take a photo back in time with age and fade.
Create professional looking cartoons from your images.
Create luminous water with liquid pools of blended colors


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