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EWQL Rare Instruments Vol.1 3 K0NTAKT5
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EWQL Rare Instruments Vol.1_3 K0NTAKT5

EWQL Rare Instruments Vol.1 3 K0NTAKT5

EWQL Rare Instruments Vol.1-3 KONTAKT5 | 1.41 GB

In some cases the natural range of the original instrument has been expanded, thereby creating instruments that are more playable than the original. These instruments have been meticulously recorded in studios, not in some village in Africa on a home recorder; consequently the recording quality and standard of programming is superior to all other ethnic collections. Producer Nick Phoenix also produced Quantum Leap Brass and Quantum Leap Guitar and Bass, so you know exactly what quality to expect from this collection. Quantum Leap Rare Instruments is the Rolls Royce of ethnic collections!

Vol.1 - Far East
FAR EAST ERHU (2 stringed Chinese fiddle, bowed), DUNG-CHEN (8 ft. Tibetan trumpet), TAIKO DRUMS (giant Japanese barrel drums), 34" CHINESE GONG, 23" THAI GONG.

Vol.2 - Middle East & India
MIDDLE EAST AND INDIA SARANGI (bowed classical Indian instrument), TABLAS, DUDUK (Armenian flute), MIDDLE EASTERN FIDDLE.

Vol.3 - Europe
EUROPE ALPEN HORN (14 ft. wooden horn), HURDY GURDY (keyed instrument bowed with wheel), GEDULKA (Bulgarian fiddle), HIGHLAND PIPES (Scottish bagpipes), UILLEANN PIPES (Irish bapipes), LAUDENNAS (Sardinian triple reeded flute), IRISH LOW WHISTLE (Irish flute).

Library formatted from giga for Kontakt 5, Wallpaper & .Nicnt provided. Nki's featured new GUI Design, and navigation improvements


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