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Hiss + a Roar SDo16 Friction WAV
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Hiss + a Roar SDo16 Friction WAV

Hiss + a Roar SDo16 Friction WAV

Hiss and a Roar SD016 Friction WAV | 7.11 GB

While kinetic friction is an obvious source of many sounds (sorry Daleks, resistance is not futile!) for this library we set out to find uniquely evocative examples that would be as useful for abstract design as much as for very practical mechanical applications and layering for physical actions.

Weve employed props & techniques as diverse as using a rosind broom handle & a wet thumb on orchestral timpani, resonant plastic objects on taut sandpaper, vegetable shredders and grinders (creaks, shreiks & squeaks), squeaks & stretches of rubber on a wet bathroom floor, deep scrapes & groans of wood on a glass window, an antique mortar and pestle, freaky shrill squeaks of finger drags on a steamy wet shower door, two antique hand cranked grinders running freely, plus a range of performances grinding resonant wood, plastic and metal with an electric grinder and one of the hand cranked grinders

Recorded with extended range Sennhesier MKH8040 mics and parallel recorded with a pair of contact mics, all material was captured, edited and is delivered 24bit 192kHz for maximum flexibility when manipulating FRICTION is a classic example of the HISSandaROAR approach to capturing & providing unique source material for deeply creative sound design: we provide the organic ingredients, you do the inspired cooking!


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