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Straight Ahead Bass .v1.0.1 K0NTAKT
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Straight Ahead Bass v1.0.1 KONTAKT

Straight Ahead Bass .v1.0.1 K0NTAKT

Straight Ahead Bass v1.0.1 KONTAKT | 2.97 Gb

Straight Ahead Samples is pleased to announce Straight Ahead! Bass. Taking from all that was learned on our Drums and Brushes & Mallets libraries, SAS dove right away into creating a realistic upright bass library. Our focus is similar to our drum libraries; the sound and the feel. Featuring our new "Accented Legato" script which is more than just stock legato transitions, this mimics the way players truly move from note to note.

- Deeply sampled beautiful, 7/8 size double bass
- 3 microphone positions w/ user-controlled interface
- Multiple articulations
- 4 velocity, 4 round robins
- "Accented Legato" scripting for realistic legato playing
- Arco
- 3.19 GB size


Home Page - http://straightaheadsamples.com/shop...ht-ahead-bass/


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