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CAMWorks 2014 SP2.0 f0r Solid Edge
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CAMWorks 2014 SP2.0 for Solid Edge

CAMWorks 2014 SP2.0 f0r Solid Edge

CAMWorks 2014 SP2.0 for Solid Edge | 1.7 Gb

Geometric Ltd. has shipped its 2014 SP2.0 version of CAMWorks for Solid Edge. This new version, the company states, enables tighter integration between the two programs so customers can reduce programming time.

CAMWorks was first published as an add-in application for numerically controlled (NC) tool programming in SolidWorks in 1997. In June 2013, Geometric Software released a version of CAMWorks integrated with Solid Edge, the value priced CAD system from Siemens PLM Software. Although seven computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software products have achieved so-called Gold Partner integration with SolidWorks, CAMWorks is the first such software to be seamlessly embedded within Solid Edge.

CAMWorks for Solid Edge allows programmers to open a part file in native format and begin making a numerically controlled tool program immediately. There is no need to export software to another format and import it into an NC programming tool. When complete, tool paths and other CAM information are stored in the Solid Edge model.

Changes made to Solid Edge parts are immediately reflected in NC programs produced by CAMWorks. CAM systems that are not integrated with CAD require revised parts to be re-exported, and in most cases updates to geometry must be made interactively


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