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VisionColor ImpulZ LUTs Ultimate f0r Digital Cinema 2014 (Mac and Win
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VisionColor ImpulZ LUTs Ultimate for Digital Cinema 2014 (Mac and Win

VisionColor ImpulZ LUTs Ultimate f0r Digital Cinema 2014 (Mac and Win

VisionColor ImpulZ LUTs Ultimate for Digital Cinema 2014 (Mac and Win)
Size: 1.51 GB

Language: English | File Format: pkg, exe, mov (Film Grain 4k)

Impulz is the best in the world and accurate library of film emulation LUT 35mm.

Thanks to some world famous and most popular films of Kodak and Fuji, Impulz LUT reaches exactly the color and appearance of the analog film for your camera and your software.
Impulz LUT are set in the most popular format. Cube and so they will work in most editing programs ...

Ultimate Version unpacked after installation includes:
01 ImpulZ - LOG Generic, LUT Pack
02 ImpulZ - Rec709 Generic, LUT Pack
03 ImpulZ - BMCC 2.5k, LUT Pack
04 ImpulZ - BMPCC, LUT Pack
05 ImpulZ - BMPC 4k, LUT Pack
06 ImpulZ - Arri Alexa LOC-C, LUT Pack
07 ImpulZ - Arri Alexa Rec, LUT Pack
08 ImpulZ - C100 C-LOG, LUT Pack
09 ImpulZ - C100 Wide DR, LUT Pack
10 ImpulZ - C300 C-LOG, LUT Pack
11 ImpulZ - C300 Wide DR, LUT Pack
12 ImpulZ - C500 C-LOG, LUT Pack
13 ImpulZ - C500 Wide DR, LUT Pack
14 ImpulZ - Canon Prolost Flat, LUT Pack
15 ImpulZ - Canon VisionColor, LUT Pack
16 ImpulZ - Canon VisionLOG RAW, LUT Pack
17 ImpulZ - Canon VisionTech, LUT Pack
18 ImpulZ - Nikon Flaat 10, LUT Pack
19 ImpulZ - Nikon Flaat 11, LUT Pack
20 ImpulZ - Nikon Neutral, LUT Pack
21 ImpulZ - Nikon Standard, LUT Pack
22 ImpulZ - GH4 Cinelike D, LUT Pack
23 ImpulZ - GoPro Hero 3, LUT Pack
24 ImpulZ - RED RedGamma 3, LUT Pack
25 ImpulZ - RED RedLogFilm, LUT Pack
26 ImpulZ - Sony S-LOG, LUT Pack
27 ImpulZ - Sony S-LOG2, LUT Pack
28 ImpulZ - Sony S-LOG3, LUT Pack
29 ImpulZ - Sony FS700 Cine 4, LUT Pack
30 ImpulZ - Sony FS700 S-LOG2, LUT Pack
31 ImpulZ - Cineon Conversions, LUT Pack

Film Grain DCI 4K Pack

Which version should I choose?
- If you shoot with HDSLR or Micro 4/3 cameras and use the style or color has no particular image, the proposed Basic
- But if the survey conducted with Blackmagic Cinema 2.5K/Blackmagic Pocket Camera or any other camera is loaded with a pattern or color profile (ie ProLost Flat or

SLog2), it is proposed version of Pro.
- And if you shoot with the Arri Alexa, RED, BMC 4K/URSA, C100/300/500 or Sony F55/F65, it is suggested that Ultimate version.

Installation Procedure:
Run the installer for your OS, and depending on the software, follow the instructions of the installer.

System requirements:
Mac OS 10.7 +

Installed programs:
DaVinci Resolve (Full & Lite)
Adobe Speedgrade
Adobe Premiere CC
Adobe After Effects CS6/CC
Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC
Final Cut Pro X
Avid MC 7
Pandora Revolution / Pixi
CineForm Studio Premium
Film Master
Quantel Pablo
Motion 5


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