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MAN Mantis EPC. v5.9.1.85
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MAN Mantis EPC v5.9.1.85

MAN Mantis EPC. v5.9.1.85

MAN Mantis EPC v5.9.1.85 | 1.99 GB

Man Mantis electronic spare parts catalog presented spare parts for trucks , tractors, buses Man, engines MAN.

The new version of the program allows to enter complete VIN of the machine for identification, but defines by VIN only model and date of manufacture . There is a search pattern for the original part number and list of automobiles , where the detail was applied, also replaced numbers of details both new and old. To search for a specific machine parts necessary to know VIN or precisely to know model , wheel formula, spacing , type of suspension and cab , and the type and modification of the engine installed on the machine . Search by VIN in the program is implemented as follows . You can enter complete VIN or to use with 4 till 6 symbols VIN for definition such as ( up to five characters to enter the zero ) and with 7 till 10 symbols for definition of number of chassis, also can choose the type and chassis number from the list of possible options . All other data to specify require search directly on the machine .
Abbreviation MAN - means OMZ Augsburg and Nuremberg . Firm "MAN" was founded in 1915 and is one of the largest manufacturers of vehicles, including buses and also components for their assembly ( axles, transmissions , engines , cabins ) .

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Year / Release Date: 2014-02
Version: 501 (v5.9.1.85)
Developer : Lexcom
Language: Multilingual (Russian present )
Medicine: Present


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