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The Drum Broker Sampies Pack WAV/ (17 June 2014)
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The Drum Broker Samples Pack WAV (17 June 2014)

The Drum Broker Sampies Pack WAV/ (17 June 2014)

The Drum Broker Samples Pack WAV (17 June 2014) | 1.24 GB

The Drum Broker Illmind Special Limited Edition: The Red Crayon Killer Samples WAV | 248 MB
Being an 80s baby, I remember growing up seeing movies from the 70s and 80s. A lot of them were Sci-Fi and Horror flicks. Aside from the movies usually being pretty bizarre, I was always attracted to the types of music and textures that were used. Even today, I'm usually attracted to the 'soundtrack' sections in vinyl shops, interested in finding those textures. From doing that over the course of many years, I've noticed a consistent use in a small handful of vintage keyboards/synths during that era.

The Drum Broker Analog Bits Drum Kit (12-Bit Drum Samples) WAV | 19.1 MB
The Drum Broker is proud to announce another all original drum kit featuring never before heard drum samples in 3 rich analog flavors! We created 50 samples from scratch and ran them through 3 classic samplers & machines (Akai S3000XL, Akai S-950, & E-Mu SP1200). Analog bits features plenty of analog colouring, bit crushing, and crunch that can only be replicated using classic 12 & 16-Bit samplers and processing techniques. If you're looking for something dirty & warm, these samples are perfect to use stand alone or for layering!

The Drum Broker Beat Butcha Protein Drum Kit Vol 3 WAV-P2P | 73 MB
Beat Butcha brought his A-Game with the 3rd installation in the 'Pure Protein Drum Kit series" which is a Drum Broker EXCLUSIVE only kit. The Pure Protein Drum Kit Vol. 3 - is EVEN MORE Protein to Beef Up You Beats.

The Drum Broker International Breaks 404 | WAV | 105 MB
Enter the follow up to the wildly popular, International Breaks 101, 202, 303 - International Breaks 404 - Rare Breaks from around the globe. Our dedicated digging team has scoured the planet once again to bring you yet another DOPE rare break kit from around the planet.

The Drum Broker A Million Ways To Break Vol.2 WAV | 128 MB
Introducing A Million Ways To Break Vol.2 from Kicks and Snares! The Drum Broker teamed up with Kicks and Snares to distribute their all new and completely unique approach to a Breaks compilation! The A Million Ways To Break series is the most useful and organized drum break compilation you can buy.

The Drum Broker J-Zone 'Lunch Breaks' Original Breaks Performed and Recorded by J-Zone
Enter the world of J-Zone, one of Hip Hop's most underrated and slept on rappers and producers. The Iconic NYC native earned his stripes as a veteran producer and MC with a string of critically acclaimed albums a la the late 90's-2000's. J-Zone's talent spans borders! As a writer, producer, MC, and now Drummer J-Zone has earned himself a cult following that deserves nothing less than full attention.

The Drum Broker Bad Friend Breaks WAV | 204 MB
Another must have break beat collection from the digger that brought you the Minty Breaks & Drums Series, comes the second installment of Bad Friend Breaks... Bad Friend Breaks Vol. 2. Bad Friend Breaks features 200 rare & dusty gems for you to chop, process, stack & layer, and incorporate into your own beats. Step your drum game up with this must have Break Kit for your drum collection.


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