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DS GEOVIA Minex v6.3.3o6
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DS GEOVIA Minex v6.3.306

DS GEOVIA Minex v6.3.3o6

DS GEOVIA Minex v6.3.306 | 545 Mb

Geovia Minex is the only program specifically designed for use in reservoir deposits. Due to the full integration of all areas of mining, from exploration to planning maintenance work, Minex provides an accurate assessment of the field's reserves and rational approach to the mountain mining.

The basis of any mine planning is the creation of reliable geological model. Gemcom Minex offers extensive software tools that help geologists to model, and to assess stocks of stratified deposits, including specialized tools for working with complex tectonic disturbances.

The key point right geological modeling is the correct interpretation of the data. Gemcom Minex uses to correlate and interpret all available information field data, namely, geophysical, lithological, structural, technological and conditioning.

In Gemcom Minex improved process modeling faults in the fields with complex faulting. The novelty lies in the fact that Gemcom Minex first interprets data on faults, then restores the original three-dimensional form in the Seam, which facilitates modeling, understanding and interpretation of the deposit. Next, the program restores the three-dimensional information on faults, and the model is recreated in its original form. Gemcom Minex can accurately simulate hard-tipped or curved faults type discharges and reverse faults.

Module "enrichable Coal" simulates a complete curve of coal preparation so that the ash content, the output of coal and other analytical data enrichment can be fully appreciated for the entire field. Module "enrichable Coal" also allows you to simulate data enrichment, allowing calculated using the method of gridding parameters to meet quality requirements of coal mining and use data griddingovyh calculations in the preparation of certificates for the various categories of stocks in order to simulate manufacturing processes in accordance with the site or calendar, .

Optimizer "Career" specifies the location of the quarry and creates the final version, which is the break even within these limits, through the use of well-known algorithm Lerch-Grossman.

Stripping ratio are widely used to assess the Gemcom Minex plots economically advantageous for pit mining. The stripping ratio is often used to characterize the flat-lying bedded deposits that do not require the use of three-dimensional optimization.

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