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Realtime Landscaping Architect 2o13 5.17 Final
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Realtime Landscaping Architect 2013 5.17 Final

Realtime Landscaping Architect 2o13 5.17 Final

Realtime Landscaping Architect 2013 5.17 Final | 2.84 Gb

Realtime Landscaping Architect includes everything you need to design professional landscape plans and presentations. Create photo-based designs, plan drawings, and even full 3D walkthroughs with this easy-to-use software.

No prior CAD experience is required. "It has been great discovering what Realtime Landscaping Architect can do to create realistic plans. It is far better than anything I've used before!" - Karen Faulkner, The Inspired Garden Landscape Design.

Feature Summary:
Photo-Based Landscape Design: Import a photo and design the landscape. Ideal for creating before-and-after views of your property.
3D Landscape Design: Design houses, decks, fencing, edging, lawns, gardens, and more. Walk through your designs in realtime 3D. Create movies and presentations of your landscaping ideas.
Water Features: Add sprinkler systems, fountains, waterfalls, custom swimming pools (above and below ground), spas, ponds, streams, and more. Includes PebbleTec custom pool finishes.
Landscape Plans and CAD drawings: Design professional landscape plans, installation instructions, and CAD drawings. Unique Plan view automatically creates the 3D view as you design.
Total Objects: Includes pictures, models, and symbols. The number of plants is shown in parenthesis.

Product Features:
Create 3D landscape designs
Design over a photo
Maximum terrain size
Realistic lighting and shadows
Day and night visualization
Accessories including gazebos, custom fencing, and much more
Unlimited undo
Plant growth tool
Project estimates and material lists
Integrated picture editor
Edging and retaining walls
House columns
Poster-size printouts
Layer support
Advanced curve editing tools
Import digital photos
Import custom materials
Import custom models (3ds and SketchUp)
Create custom models using integrated modeling tools
Fence gates
Freely edit in 2D or 3D
Realtime walkthroughs
Create custom plant varieties
Raised flower beds
Dimensions and lot boundaries
Custom fence styles
3D house design (exterior only)
Create movies in AVI format
Slopes and hills
Advanced terrain sculpting
Building pads and sloped driveways
Hedge creation tool
Landscape wizard
Print to scale
House, Deck, and Fence wizards
Model creation wizard
Curved deck stairs and railing
Shape boolean operations (add, subtract, intersection)
Sprinkler systems
Swimming pools
Custom spas
Curved pool walls and decking
Ponds and streams
Waterfalls and spillways
Create landscape plans and CAD drawings
Hand-drawn plant symbols
Color pencil, marker, and solid color washes
Add company logo to printouts and movies
CAD drawing tools
Customizable appearance in Plan/3D views for most objects
Title blocks
Plant label wizard
Symbol import and creation wizards
Includes A0-A4 drawing templates
Automatic plant mass blending
Plan view drop shadows
Plant keys and container sizes
Adobe PDF support
Add OLE objects to the Plan view such as Excel spreadsheets, AutoCAD drawings, and Word documents.
Automatic plant legend
Solid, gradient, and picture area fills

System requirements:
1-2GHz CPU
512MB - 2GB System RAM
Video Card with 256MB - 1 GB of video memory
Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP
Mouse, Laptop Touchpad, or other pointing device



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