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ESI ProCAST 2014.0 & Visual-Environment 9.6/ (64bit)
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ESI ProCAST 2014.0 & Visual-Environment 9.6 (64bit)

ESI ProCAST 2014.0 & Visual-Environment 9.6/ (64bit)

ESI ProCAST 2014.0 & Visual-Environment 9.6 (64bit) | 1.6GB
Languages: English, French

ESI Group, pioneer and world-leading solution provider in Virtual Prototyping for manufacturing industries, announces the launch of Visual-Environment 9.6, an integrated suite of solutions which operate either concurrently or standalone within a common environment.

Visual-Environment is a single integrated user environment that caters to the engineering simulation needs across major industries. It includes a comprehensive modeling tool to generate quality meshes on complex geometries for various engineering domains ranging from Crash and Passenger Safety to NVH, Welding & Assembly, Casting, Electromagnetics, CFD & Multiphysics, and more... Visual-Environment's interactive post-processing module caters to the requirements of the CAE community through its multi-page / multi-Description environment.

In addition, Visual-Environment's software development toolkit (SDK), allows you to customize and extend this open architecture through process templates and macros.

Visual-Environment incorporates the finest engineering knowledge & best practices with a process-oriented approach suited to the needs of a shop-floor user or a software savvy user alike.


ESI Group, pioneer and world-leading solution provider in Virtual Prototyping for manufacturing industries, announces the release of ProCAST 2014, the leading Finite Element solution for casting process simulation.

Throughout the manufacturing industry, casting process simulation is now widely accepted as an important tool in product design and process development to improve yield and casting quality.

Based on powerful Finite Element solvers and advanced specific options developed with leading research institutes and industries, ProCAST provides an efficient and accurate solution to meet the casting industry needs. Compared to a traditional trial-and-error approach, ProCAST is the key solution to reduce manufacturing costs, shorten lead times for mold developments and improve the casting process quality.

ProCAST provides a complete software solution allowing for predictive evaluations of the entire casting process including mold filling, solidification, microstructure and thermo-mechanical simulations. It enables to rapidly visualize the effects of mold design and allows for correct decision making at an early stage of the manufacturing process.

About ESI

ESI is a pioneer and world-leading provider in Virtual Prototyping that takes into account the physics of materials. ESI boasts a unique know-how in Virtual Product Engineering, based on an integrated suite of coherent, industry-oriented applications. Addressing manufacturing industries, Virtual Product Engineering aims to replace physical prototypes by realistically simulating a products behavior during testing, to fine-tune fabrication and assembly processes in accordance with desired product performance, and to evaluate the impact on product use under normal or accidental conditions.

ESIs solutions fit into a single collaborative and open environment for End-to-End Virtual Prototyping. These solutions are delivered using the latest technologies, including immersive Virtual Reality, to bring products to life in 3D; helping customers make the right decisions throughout product development. The company employs about 1000 high-level specialists worldwide covering more than 40 countries.

Name: ESI Visual-Environment / ESI ProCAST
Version: (64bit) 9.6 / (64bit) 2014.0
Home: www.esi-group.com
Interface: english, french
OS: Wind0ws




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