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WinOnX 1.6 Retail MacOSX
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WinOnX 1.6 Retail MacOSX
WinOnX 1.6 Retail MacOSX | 99.9 MB

Run your Windows applications on OSX without the need of buying a Windows license. Well, you even do not need to install Windows. Just download WinOnX and you are ready to go within 2 minutes.
- WinOnX should only be used for applications which are not available for OSX. Whenever an application is available for OSX, we strongly recommend to use this version.

- In case your application does not work with WinOnX please drop us a note at http://winonx.com/feedback . We always try to improve the quality based upon your feedback.

- Currently full screen applications (especially games) are only limited supported. We are currently working on a version which will support both full screen for Snow Leopard as well as for Lion.

- WinOnX is based on the open source Wine project. It is a layer which redirects the communication between an application and Windows to OSX. As a result not all applications are fully compatible. Most applications run fine, some run even faster but also some run slower or even crash.
You can look at http://appdb.winehq.org/ to get some information how good your application might work with WinOnX which is an ongoing project. In case your Windows application does not work at the moment, there is a good chance that it will work after one of the next updates.

Furthermore, a lot of bugs especially related to keyboard entries and the installation process of new programs were fixed.

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