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AKVIS Neon for Adobe Photoshop
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AKVIS Neon for Adobe Photoshop
AKVIS Neon for Adobe Photoshop | 120MB

This spectacular software turns photos into astounding illustrations which look like drawn with light or luminescent ink. With AKVIS Neon you can transform an ordinary photo into a gorgeous drawing!
You can create a glowing landscape or an extraordinary portrait, or just slightly outline edges making a picture more interesting and expressive.

Such alluring effects will add a touch of Christmas to your photos. Invite the festive spirit into your pictures, home and heart!

Make your photos shine with the magical glow effects in Neon. Use the program to prepare sparkling Christmas and New Year cards and invitations!

In Version 1.5:
Dramatically increased the image processing speed! The program now renders images two times faster!
Improved the Print dialog with the new options to print super high res images on multiple pages.
Fixed some bugs, and other changes.

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