OpenWire 7.7
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OpenWire 7.7
OpenWire 7.7 | 384 MB

It’s a lot easier to have components and libraries available when building applications, since it saves both time and effort in the creation process. An interface is also an item that’s based on coding, and OpenWire comes with a set of libraries to offer support with Delphi, C++ Builder, Lazarus, or Free Pascal.
OpenWire doesn’t necessarily offer an interface of its own, since it’s merely a set of components and libraries, but management solutions depend on the IDE in question. Code writing is decreased, with a different approach on building applications.

The whole process implies working with multiple sets of rules, which all get linked together to provide the result. This is done by connecting input and output pins, and each set of rule can be fitted with more than one pin of each type.

Another component is the graphical editor. Working with implies relying on a visual interface in which to connect pins by dragging connections around. More components or libraries can be added, thus providing multiple methods to tackle a problem. Source code can be analyzed and then inserted in the IDE.

There are different types of pins, each with its own dependencies and rules. The end result heavily rely on connections and how they’re oriented. In the end, a custom visual interface can be created, with little to no code writing involved.

New in version 7.7 (October 28, 2015)
• Added 10 Seattle support
• Added support for VS2015
• Added TOWBoolToIntFormatConverter
• Improved threading support
• Improved OpenWire Editor
• Clock pins changed to MiltiSink
• Improved Design Time Editors
• Improved JSON support
• Improved collections
• Added more Live Binding types
• Added support for hosting OpenWire Studio projects
• Added serialization support in the buffers

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