FMOD Studio 1.07.03
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FMOD Studio 1.07.03
FMOD Studio 1.07.03 | 145.6 MB

FMOD Studio is a full-featured game audio design utility that can assist designers in creating impressing and realistic sounds to integrate in complex game-related projects. Adopting a new approach to sound processing, it relies on generative audio delivering, in the attempt to build unique sounds that adapt to the in-game requirements.
Generate stunning sound systems for games or other apps

With a stylish interface and an organized layout, FMOD Studio enables you to create elaborate multi-track sound events and high-quality music that can really enhance the experience of a gamer or the final user of an application.

It features a rich and carefully-selected set of tools ready to help sound designers generate astonishing content without any programming knowledge. Furthermore, its live in-game support provides complete control over the sound mix in real-time, which enables you to generate a versatile music system with impressive audio effects.

Deliver impressing results by adjusting sound properties

FMOD Studio can work with common file formats, such as WAV, MP3, OGG, AIF, WMA, FLAC, AIFF and RAW. The application performs an analysis of each file placed in the 'Events' library, providing you with various properties to customize to your liking.

You can make fine adjustments to the volume and the pitch level, change the style of the distance attenuation curve, activate voice stealing (replacing an event with another, for instance, lowering music when a character is speaking), modify the event priority or apply reverb effects to audio signals.

Create responsive and interactive audio events for games

FMOD Studio is a great tool for professional sound designers and beginners alike, enabling them to combine and tweak the properties of multiple signals so as to obtain sounds that dynamically respond to in-game events.

The integrated mixer enables you to freely alter the order of the signal chain even in live mode, when FMOD Studio is connected to a game, while the built-in profiler helps you assess the performance of the entire sound system.

New in version 1.07.03 (November 18, 2015)
• Added the Transceiver effect. Sends signals from multiple sources to a single 'channel' (like a radio station, up to 32 of them) and receieve from that or any channel from multiple receivers. Great for receiving and broadcasting a submix from multiple 3D locations (for example, it can be used to 3D position a reverb bus signal inside an event).
• Improved the multitrack snapping indicator appearance.
• Added an absolute mouse input mode (useful for tablets and touch screens). The input mode can be set via the preferences dialog.
• Added an "Open in Explorer/Finder" context menu item for profiler sessions.
• Added support for selecting a file for effect data parameters, triggered via the context menu or by double-clicking the control.
• Added *.agp file extension filter to AudioMotors data property.

• Improved general performance of bulk edit and responsiveness when altering values using dials and faders.
• Fixed profiler sessions sometimes not adding tracks for recorded events automatically.
• Fixed browser windows disappearing unexpectedly when switching applications.
• Fixed crash when attempting to select a incorrectly recovered profiler session.
• Fixed crash when using control surface input while a blocking operation is in progress.
• Fixed recovery mechanism to recover snapshot and profiler to the correct root folder.
• Fixed crash using FLAC files.
• Fixed export GUID not exporting event paths since (introduced in 1.07.00).
• Fixed issue when copying event references when the item that was referenced resides in the master folder.
• Fixed crash when migrating a 1.06 project to 1.07 under certain circumstances.
• Fixed crash when changing bus polyphony limit.
• Fixed the 'Move to' menu item not showing folders correctly.

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (32/64-bit)

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