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Visual Paradigm Community Edition 12.2 Build 20151201 + Portable (x86/x64)
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Visual Paradigm Community Edition 12.2 Build 20151201 + Portable (x86/x64)
Visual Paradigm Community Edition 12.2 Build 20151201 + Portable (x86/x64) | 495/498 MB

Visual Paradigm for UML (Community Edition) is a complex UML modeling application designed to ease the work of software developers. It offers a complete platform to ease the development process and supports round-trip code engineering for C#.NET, VB.NET and C++.NET.
Due to its complexity, the application is not recommended for beginners. However, advanced developers can find its features useful for creating UML models, generate code from class diagrams and deploy applications, as the program supports the full development life cycle.

The Community Edition provides basic UML modeling features, allowing you to create use case, requirement and entity relationship diagrams. In addition, it provides integration with some of the most popular IDEs, such as Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA and Visual Studio. Visio drawings can be embedded in UML models, as Visio integration is also supported.

You can create all kinds of UML diagrams using this tool, from use case and class diagrams to communication, activity, component or composite structure diagrams. Also, you can use the requirement modeling features to create SysML diagrams, perform use case modeling and textual analysis. Developers can implement diagram projects, modify a diagram and perform class diagram synchronization, in order to update the generated source code.

The software comes with database modeling capabilities and provides the tools that development teams need for software planning or class modeling. Furthermore, the flow of events editor enables you to track every user action within a use case modeling project.

As mentioned above, the Community Edition provides the basic tools for UML modeling, but if you want more diagram types and even more features, you should try another edition.

Code generation, round-trip engineering, model and diagram editing, IDE integration and custom report generation are just a few of the advantages that make Visual Paradigm for UML (Community Edition) one viable solution for working with the Unified Modeling Language.

New in version 12.2
Build 20151201
(December 7, 2015)
General Fixes/Enhancements:
• Fixed a bug in searching
• Fixed references to sub-machines not properly captured when in Export XMI
• Fixed several undo/redo problems
• Fixed unnamed filter in animation path
• Fixed sd frame name goes blank
• Fixed wrongly ask for deleting port in Internal Block Diagram
• Fixed missing message envelope icon in Resource Catalog
• Fixed empty requirement specification generated from use case
• Fixed an Archi import issue
• Fixed cut and paste shapes not preserve parent and child relationship
• Fixed application may hang when editing freehand text shape
• Fixed application may hang after importing project
• Fixed a .eap import issue
• Fixed a performance issue caused by deleting shape
• Fixed bad positioning of created lifeline
• Fixed incorrect font size for pasted connector
• Amended IDE Integration window to state the support of Android Studio
• Supported adding model elements in Project Browser
• Supported resizing image proportionally in description editor by pressing the Shift key and dragging the resize handler of image
• Supported prompting for delete association when deleting association attribute
• Made About window resize-able
• Upgraded bundled JRE to newer build
• Made duplicate element not to duplicate some project management properties (e.g. Author, create date)
• Excluded detached elements in XMI exporting

Document Editing:
• Fixed a Project Publisher bug
• Fixed Project Publisher wrongly generated images for wireframes out-of-scope
• Fixed a Word report generation issue
• Fixed bad constraints table output in Publisher outcome
• Showed instance's classifier in Project Publisher outcome

Collaborative Modeling:
• Fixed a problem on updating VP Server
• Fixed LDAP member listed twice in VP Server

Code Engineering/Hibernate/DB Engineering:
• Fixed ORM Code Gen ignores "Template info" value
• Fixed a SCXML export issue
• Fixed local variables reversed as instance variables in Python reverse engineering
• Fixed missing comment for return statement in generated code
• Supported reversing XSD namespace documentation in reverse engineering
• Showed error message when generating ORM code with sub-class from ORM Impl class
• Made round-trip ignores ORM annotation for impl class
• Made C++ Instant Reverse not to analyze non code files

• Intel Pentium 4 at 2.0 GHz or higher
• Minimum 2.0 GB RAM, but 4.0 GB is recommended.
• Minimum 4GB disk space (NOT include project space).
IDE requirements (for IDE integration):

Visual Paradigm Community Edition - FREE for non-commercial use only

OS: Windows All

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