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The Escapers Aer 1.40 MacOSX
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The Escapers Aer 1.40 MacOSX
The Escapers Aer 1.40 MacOSX | 113 MB

Aer is the new tool for handling the the "back end" or server side of your web site. Aer helps you work with your MySQL databases, create PHP scripts, and make your web forms actually do something. Aer has powerful tools for creating and editing MySQL databases, an innovative way to add capability to your PHP scripts, and a wizard-style approach to making web forms. Aer works in tandem with Flux to take care of your web site from front(end) to back(end).
MySQL Databases
Aer takes you from making your first database, to backups, to building SQL queries the easy way. Just enter a few details, and Aer makes MySQL easy as pie! What's more, Aer can export your tables as CSV,XML, and Microsoft Excel files.

Web Forms
Aer makes creating web forms as easy as can be, create forms from scratch, based on database tables, or work on forms you created in Flux. Aer makes web forms actually do something!

PHP Pretty Easy
Aer can not only produce PHP scripts automatically to process your web forms, but provides a library of over 100 useful 'snippets' to help you write your own PHP code. Aer Snippets are not just code, they can be changed using the easy to use Structure View, yet still produces standard PHP code.

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