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CEI EnSight Gold 10.1.6d (Win/Mac/Lnx)
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CEI EnSight Gold 10.1.6d(Win/Mac/Lnx)
CEI EnSight Gold 10.1.6d(Win/Mac/Lnx)| 3.3 GB(Total)

EnSight Gold's distributed architecture handles scientific and engineering analysis models containing up to billions of nodes while optimizing memory use. It builds upon the full functionality of EnSight.
Features unique to EnSight Gold include:
SMP parallel processing support for more than 2 processors
Supports multi-pipe display to drive VR planar and non-planar display environments such as a RAVE or
multi-panel display wall
'Heads Up' Macro(HUM)for creating customized VR interfaces as well as interaction using VR input devices
for head tracking and manipulation
Output to POV-Ray ray-tracing program for photorealistic images
Interfaces with EnLiten Gold for sharing of results in VR environments
Support for 3D input devices by Trackd or write your own using CEI's provided API
Server-of-server(SoS)functionality for parallel processing of decomposed data on SMP or DMP architectures

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