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DameWare Remote Support Central Server
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DameWare Remote Support Central Server
DameWare Remote Support Central Server | 416.71 MB

The DameWare Central Server (DCS) is an optional centralized server component deployed with DameWare Remote Support designed for organizations with large IT departments or those that frequently need secure access to computers located outside of the firewall.
- The DameWare Central Server and Administration Console
- The DameWare Internet Proxy
- The DameWare Mobile Gateway

Securely Access Computers Outside the Firewall

When deployed with the DameWare Central Server & Internet Proxy, DameWare Remote Support lets you support end users located anywhere in the world. Through the DameWare Internet Proxy, users can:

- Initiate secure remote troubleshooting sessions
- Remotely control computers outside the firewall
- Communicate with end-users via chat
- Perform simple file transfers

Centrally Manage Users, Licenses, and Host Lists
Deploying DameWare Remote Support with the DameWare Central Server gives you access to advanced user and license management features and enable single sign on functionality with Active Directory synchronization. From the DameWare Administration Console, users can:

- Manage all DameWare users and permissions
- Control and activate all DRS and MRC licenses
- Create and share a Global Host List
- Enable single sign on and AD synchronization

Support End-Users from Your iOS or Android Device
The DameWare Central Server includes the DameWare Mobile Gateway which allows users to make secure connections to computers from Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhones and iPads. An excellent option for IT departments with on-call rotations, the DameWare Mobile Gateway allows you to:

- Remotely control Windows computers
- Support servers & workstations from Android or iOS devices
- Troubleshoot end-users problems from anywhere

What's New in Version 12.0:
- Support for unattended over-the-Internet remote session: Connect to remote computers outside the network without the presence of end-users (requires deployment in centralized mode and configuration of Internet proxy).
- Switch deployment modes with one click: Ability to easily change running mode between DameWare Mini Remote Control standalone mode and centralized mode.
- Ability to search endpoints from host lists in DameWare Mini Remote Control console.
- Platform installation support and remote connectivity support for Windows 10.

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