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ECS FEMFAT-LAB 3.12 | 153.7 MB

ECS, a world leader in the automotive industry, has released 3.12 version of FEMFAT-LAB, is the binding link between test track, laboratory and CAE.
It's a powerful software solution to visualize and analyze large amounts of data. FEMFAT LAB analyzes time histories with millions of data points and hundreds of channels within seconds. Anomalies such as drift, mean shift and spikes can be removed either automatically or manually. Time can be saved using the FEMFAT LAB project philosophy, because the same operations are carried out automatically for several files without any user input.

Sophisticated time and frequency domain methods help the engineer to understand and to analyze the measured data. Data counting methods like Rainflow, Level Crossing, Range Count, Time at Level and additional counting methods are included. Moreover a wide range of graphic output options (three-dimensional Descriptions of Rainflow or Damage matrices, Waterfall or Campbell results, ...) are included. Various data formats can be processed (RPC, Remus, Diadem ...) without any interaction or conversion needed by the user. Complex multi-axial methods help to compare customer usage to test tracks or to simplify test procedures to enable significant time and cost savings during the development process. In addition it is possible to reduce the amount of data, taking the correct multiaxial phase relationships into account. A database of material properties can be used for durability calculations.

About Engineering Center Steyr

ECS is a world innovation leader in the automotive industry. Program development time scales are greatly reduced by incorporating Lean Engineering. ECS has a global engineering network, providing worldwide support for our customers to ensure a successful transition from concept through to production.

The software products FEMFAT (fatigue life prediction for all structural parts of vehicles, modules and components), KULI (complete vehicle energy & thermal management) have been used by all major OEM's for many years. The ability of these software's provides our designers the opportunity to design and develop vehicles and engines, that are lightweight, environmentally friendly along with reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Version: (32bit) 3.12
Interface: english, german
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8 / 8.1
Size: 153.7 mb

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