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Phocus 3.0 x64 + User Manual
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Phocus 3.0 x64 + User Manual
Phocus 3.0 x64 + User Manual | 101.0 MB

Along the years, all major DSLR manufacturers have created and perfected their own tools for processing RAW images. Phocus is Hasselblad's solution for anything you would need in order to get the best out of a photo taken with any of their high resolution cameras before you export it for advanced post-production. It can handle TIFF and JPEG images as well as the 3FR and 3F formats.
Intuitive workspace

If you've dealt with other RAW processing solutions such as Lightroom, then using Phocus should be a breeze for you. It's not a copy but it does offer a similar layout and workflow. You have the file browser on one side, the thumbnail viewer on the bottom and the adjustment, file information and export panels on the other.

Phocus enables you to switch between various layouts, as well as add and remove panels according to your needs. A feature that is sure to come in handy is the possibility to create your own layouts for the application which means that you are free to arrange a custom workspace for specific photography styles for file formats.

A large number of adjustments

When it comes to applying correction filters or enhancing certain features of a photo, Phocus comes with a fairly large arsenal of tools. With it you are able to correct lens distortions and vignetting, as well as make use of HNCS, Hasselblad's Natural Color Solution.

Since Hasselblad cameras are known for their high resolution images, Phocus enables you to remove moire directly from the raw file thus preserving all the details. Apart from these, the application also grants you the use of dust removal, sharpening, noise filtering, white balance and other must have tools.

Remote camera controls

Hasselblad cameras are widely used in studio environments and are generally tethered to a computer in order to preview the photo for an immediate assessment of lighting, framing, fine details and for this reason Phocus also comes with a feature that allows you to control the camera from the application.

All-in-one Hasselblad photo processing

Hasselblad cameras have made and are still making history in terms of quality and Phocus is not far behind when compared to similar software. With the above to consider and much more to discover, Phocus is indeed a tool which every Hasselblad camera owner should have.

New in version 3.0
(April 19, 2016)

Local adjustments:
It's now possible to have image adjustments only affect selected parts of an image. For this purpose the Adjustment Layers tool has been added. Using this you can add a number of adjustment layers. For each layer you can control which parts of the image are affected using a combination of these tools:

a) Brush:
* This will let you paint brush strokes - holding down alt will make it erase from existing strokes. Brush options will show up at the bottom of the tool when the brush is selected. Note that the brush size can also be changed via the mouse scroll wheel (or equivalent).

b) Gradient:
* Lets you construct a simple gradient on one side of which the layer will be 100% active
* and on the other 100% inactive. The track handle with the dark ring indicates the active side of the gradient.

c) Radial gradient:
* With this tool you can draw an ellipsis. By default it will add an active part to the layer inside the shape but note the controls at the bottom where you can select to invert the effect and also control feathering.
* The best way to get an idea how these tools work is to enable the Show mask check box next to the color picker control - this will illustrate the coverage of the layer (keyboard short cut: y).
* The adjustments that can be affected by a layer are EV, Sharpness, Saturation, Moire, Temp and Tint. Each of these are represented by a slider controlling the offset compared to the global setting of the corresponding tool. So if for instance you have a global EV setting of 1.5 and set an adjustment layer EV offset to -1.0 the areas covered by this layer will have an effective EV adjustment of 0.5. Do note that several layers can affect the same adjustment - it's still simple arithmetic adding combined offsets to the global adjustment value.
* Using the action menu at the bottom of the tool you can easily clear all brush strokes, duplicate a layer or automatically generate a brush layer that is suited to use for moire removal. You can experiment with 3 different levels of sensitivity for this moire layer generation, and of course once generated you can edit this layer using the usual tools in order to get a perfect match.
* H6D support
* This release adds support for the new H6D-50c camera including support for tethered operation via USB. Also support has been added for the mp4 video files that can be generated with the H6D, they can be browsed and played back and editing of metadata is possible. Metadata will be placed in sidecar files.
* It should be noted that live video and browsing of an inserted card are features that will be added in an upcoming update of Phocus combined with a corresponding firmware update.
* Enhanced Eizo monitor support
* All current models of self calibrating Eizo monitors are now supported by Phocus. Also as a new feature scheduling can be configured to ensure that the monitor gets calibrated within regular intervals.

Phocus is supported on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit and Windows 10 64-bit.

System Requirements

Graphics adapters
* You should be aware that the Phocus viewer utilizes the processing power of the GPU - therefore using a PC with a high performance GPU is definitely an advantage.

* We recommend at least 8GB of memory

Supported products
* Image files from all Hasselblad FireWire based digital camera products are supported. Tethered operation will work with the same range of cameras except for the first generation Ixpress series.
* Capture of micro-step images is not supported.
* Scanner 3F files are not supported.
* 3F files generated by Phocus are not backward compatible with FlexColor!





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