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Extensis Universal Type Server Enterprise 6.0.0
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Extensis Universal Type Server Enterprise 6.0.0
Extensis Universal Type Server Enterprise v6.0.0 | 527.11 MB

Centralize, organize, and distribute your entire font library. With the exceptional font access and license compliance of this font server, everyone on your team stays creative and productive.
Ensure Creativity and Font Discovery

Give your team easy access to the typographic resources they need to stay productive.Fonts are automatically distributed to your team, and the Universal Type Client makes it easy to browse, compare, search, discover and use fonts in projects.

IT and Creative at Peace, Happy
Universal Type Server contains tools that help your creative team organize, find, and use the fonts that they need. Which makes them happy. Which makes life easier for your IT team. Which makes them happy. Guess what that makes you? (hint: Happy)
Universal Type Server Features
Server and Clients built for Mac OS X and Windows
Supports Mac OS® X Lion (10.7) and Windows 7
Browser-based remote server administration
Patented Font Sense technology fingerprints fonts for precise identification
Auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe Creative Suite & QuarkXPress

Organize fonts with Sets
Create PNG font previews by drag-and-drop with Font Snapshots
Four font preview methods make your fonts shine
Embedded SQL database
LDAP directory integration with Active Directory and Open Directory
Kerberos single sign-on support
True client/server architecture
Server Failover for high availability
Centralized system serialization
Automatic system backups

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