The Bible 3.2.2 MacOSX
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The Bible 3.2.2 MacOSX
The Bible 3.2.2 MacOSX | 164 MB

The Bible is an easy-to-navigate offline Bible Application for Mac with a smart UI and lots of useful features. It will allow you to dive into the sacred scriptures without all the clutter of Internet.
New Features:
* Completely revamped design.
* Search Book.
* Powerful Bible search: Now search verse with chapter and verse number.
* Decrease or increase font size.
* Choose from Eight background colors to read bible.
* Choose from 12 font styles to read bible.
* Increase or decrease speed of speech.
* Change background color of the presentation view.
* Hide left pane which consist book list.
* Now search bible with book name, verse number.
* Fight highlighted verses sorted into different colors..
* Now save journals into different folders.
* Add sermons: Take notes with voice recording.
* Bible Concordance is added.
* More than 50 new Bible Versions have been added.

Other Features:
* Easy-to-navigate smart UI.
* Add more than 100 Bible Versions/Translations into the App Library. (See list below)
* Write Journals or take notes and save them for future reference.
* Share Journals via all the available sharing options.
* Search Verse: Search the entire Bible with Keywords and get to a specific Chapter or Book.
* Parallel Reading: Open two different Bible Translations side by side and cross refer.
* Option to scroll both Translations together or separately.
* Mark Bible Verses as Favorite and browse all of them in one place.
* Highlight Bible Verses with Color and browse all of them in one place.
* Copy Bible Verse from the app and paste anywhere.
* Daily Verse: Get inspirational Bible quotes daily on a small pop up.
* Speak Mode: The Bible reads out Bible Verses for you.
* Presentation Mode: Show scriptures from Bible to a projector screen or a secondary monitor in fullscreen.

What's New in Version 3.2.3
Improved version & fixed as per user feedback. :)
Improved design in highlight colour pop up view.
A new button is added on top of chapter numbers to hide Book List.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later
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