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Network Radar 2.1.0 MacOSX
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Network Radar 2.1.0 MacOSX
Network Radar 2.1.0 MacOSX | 13.26 MB

Network Radar is an advanced network scanning and managing tool. Featuring an easy-to-use and streamlined design, the all-new Network Radar 2 has been engineered from the ground up as a modern Mac application.
Tools and Commands
All you have to do to use Network Radar is to click the Scan button. No configuration is required. However, Network Radar is more than a simple IP scanner. It comes with useful tools, such as Ping, Portscan and Whois. In addition to that you can send commands to your devices with the click of a button. Use Wake On LAN with every Wake On LAN capable device and shutdown, restart or send other Macs to sleep, even if they are not within your local network.

Everything you'd like to know.
Once Network Radar has scanned your network, it lists all found devices. Select one to see more details, such as IP, IPv6 and MAC address, vendor name, DNS name, mDNS names, NetBIOS name, NetBIOS domain, open ports, OS version, response time, the Mac model identifier and much more depending on how much information your device and network reveals.

Key Features
Network Radar offers many features in a single, elegant interface. These are just a few of them:

- Scan your network and retrieve detailed information on network devices
- Run useful network tools and commands with the click of a button
- Use the monitoring feature and get notified about changes in your network
- Access devices from previous scans, even in different networks
- Use the simple rules / actions system for automatic processing of devices
- Simply connect to a device by double-clicking it in the list
- Assign your own names and choose from provided icons or import own icons
- Organize your hosts in folders and smart folders
- Create scans with custom IP ranges
- Export a scan to XML, CSV, TXT or PDF

What's New in Version 2.1.0:
- NEW: Ready to be used with macOS 10.12 Sierra.
- NEW: Improved Port Scan engine. Depending on your network it is much faster now.
- NEW: Now you can change the default application for more services than just SSH. Have a look at it in the preferences.
- NEW: Right-click on the header of the host list to show and hide columns.
- NEW: Selected pings can now be copied as text.
- NEW: The device and vendor databases have been updated.
- NEW: Spited the preferences window into more sections.
- NEW: Delete or refresh a scan by swiping horizontally on a scan in the sidebar.
- NEW: The Port Scan tool now shows the port that is being scanned.
- NEW: The Scan Information now shows the attached networks.
- NEW: Wrong IP addresses if using a FritzBox and VPN.
- NEW: Custom Scans now handle VPNs better.
- NEW: Option to prevent Network Radar from refreshing hosts automatically.
- NEW: You can now see a network's broadcast and network address and its subnetmask.
- FIX: Sometimes the old scans database did not migrate from the previous version. Please contact support if you have been affected by this in a previous version.
- FIX: After refreshing a scan, the host's IP address could have been replaced by an old IP address that was still in cache.
- FIX: Custom scans sometimes listed the network's broadcast or network address. If this was the case for one of your scans, you have to delete the broadcast or network ip from the host list first.
- FIX: Did not fetch model identifier in some networks.
- FIX: Importing a network scan did not always work if there already was custom scan with the same network attached to it.
- FIX: Minor GUI improvements.
- FIX: Searching the host list did not work as expected in some cases.
- FIX: Setting an image via the contextual menu did not always work.
- FIX: Some Smart folders did not update their hosts when they should.
- FIX: Some localization typos.
- FIX: Sometimes a host has been monitored although it was excluded from being monitored.

Requirements: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor.

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