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Epic SoundLab The Forge-KONTAKT
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Epic SoundLab The Forge-KONTAKT

Epic SoundLab The Forge-KONTAKT | 2.08 Gb

The Forge is a Kontakt library aimed at Film, TV and Games composers. It is designed to offer a flexible environment to customize every sound and making your own. It contains mainly sounds suitable for Hybrid (electronic/orchestral) music.

The Forge has a pretty GUI with a clear layout consisting of: a highpass filter, a lowpass filter, an ADSR envelope for the filter, an ADSR envelope for the volume, a step sequencer/arpeggiator with various modes and an FX section at the bottom with: Distortion, Saturation, Punch, EQ, Delay, Reverb and a stack function. The stack function will stack multiple voices/versions of the same sample for an ensemble style sound you can control the amount of voices, detune, stereo spread and note start time.
The Sequencer/arpeggiator can operate in different modes: Arpeggiator - the order of arpeggiated notes is the order in which you play them, Polyphonic Sequencer - Works the same as the arpeggiator but all the notes are played at the same time, Gater - Only affects the sound amplitude. Per step you can change the velocity, the on/off value, the octave and semi-tone. Furthermore you can change the length and rate (16th, 8th, 8th triplet etc.) of the pattern. I like the Polyphonic Sequencer function as you can quickly program percussion patterns. Unfortunately you can only program one pattern per patch. It would be cool to have been able to create a few variations within the same patch and switch to them with keyswitches for example.

- Advanced User Interface
- Arpeggiator
- Polyphonic Sequencer
- Rhythmic Gater
- Unison / Voices Stack
- Resonant Delay
- Dual Engine Reverb
- Over 200 Kontakt patches
- Over 3GB of open WAV files
- MIDI Files
- Customize your own samples
- User Manual (download)

Download link:

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