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Nicecast v1.11.11 MacOSX
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Nicecast v1.11.11 MacOSX
Nicecast v1.11.11 MacOSX | 9 MB

Nicecast is the easiest way to broadcast music from your Mac. Broadcast to listeners around the world. Nicecast can help you create your own internet radio station or allow you to listen to your iTunes Music Library from anywhere in the world!
Key Features

You're On The Air
Create a radio station that can be heard globally via the Net!

Commercial Free Radio
Broadcast your iTunes Library and hear your favorite music anywhere!

One-Click Broadcasting
Transmit any audio instantly: iTunes, mics and much more.

Live Shows And Events
Take a laptop and broadcast concerts, sports, lectures and more.

DJ With VoiceOver
Use the VoiceOver Effect to mix in DJ commentary on your stream.

Broadcast A Call-In Show
Plug in a microphone and use Skype to chat.

Version 1.11.11:
ug Fix Due to changes made by Apple, capturing audio from iTunes now requires Instant On. Nicecast has been updated to handle this as needed.

OS X 10.9 or later

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