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Audio Companion 1.4.8 MacOSX
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Audio Companion 1.4.8 MacOSX
Audio Companion 1.4.8 MacOSX | 8 MB

Audio Companion is a sound recorder allowing you to record music via the built in sound input or any sound input device connected to your computer.
It will either act as a normal audio recorder or as a recorder that automatically split each song into separate files.

The files may be saved as ordinary AIFF files (ready for burning an Audio CD) or saved as AAC/m4a or any file format that QuickTime can create. You may also save the files as MP3 files (free Lame MP3 encoder required).

Access to AudioUnit effects that ships with Mac OS X as well as any third party AudioUnit effect.

Advanced filtering function for removing clicks and crackles when recording old vinyl records.

Version 1.4.8:
Minor internal corrections and fixes

OS X 10.7 or later
LAME needed for MP3 encoding

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