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FileMaker Pro Advanced MacOSX
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FileMaker Pro Advanced MacOSX
FileMaker Pro Advanced MacOSX | 417.29 MB

FileMaker Pro 15 facilitates the creation of customized solutions for the management of business information on the iPad iPhone, Mac, and Web platforms as well as on Windows. Millions of people worldwide use FileMaker Pro to optimize contact management, tracking, inventory, organize projects, and others.
FileMaker WebDirect component introduced in FileMaker Server 15 and is a revolutionary web technology that implements custom business tasks directly from the browser, and the operator does not require web design skills.

FileMaker Pro 15 offers the following features:
New design tools provide a quick and easy creation of uniform database and spectacular.
New features for iOS accelerates the creation of solutions for convenient data entry on the iPad and iPhone.
New possibilities of development helps to create more useful solutions more efficiently than ever.
New means of security guarantees additional protection for your organization's data.

OS - MacOSX 10.10 or Later
Home Page -http://www.filemaker.com/

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