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ImBatch 5.1.0 Final + portable
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ImBatch 5.1.0 Final + portable
ImBatch 5.1.0 Final + portable | 48 Mb

ImBatch is a free batch image processing tool for Windows. ImBatch features an excellent user interface that's easy to use and understand and can convert, resize, rotate and carry out other operations on lots of images in a single operation.
Batch Tasks List
What makes this tool different from other batch image processors is its "Task Structure". You can combine Tasks to make a processing sequence that will give you exactly what you want. ImBatch offers many imaging functions (Tasks) like converting, resizing or applying watermark. You can change the order of tasks, add some tasks twice or more (for example, to convert images to JPEG and PNG in one go), turn off/on tasks to exclude/include them from the task processing list, hide some task parameters, leaving only the necessary ones. Also you can undo/redo all changes made in Task List.
Whats New:
ImBatch v5.1.0

Added "Save In CMYK As" task.
Added "Save To Animated GIF" task.
"Save As" task: added extended configuration options for TIFF and DICOM formats.
"Set Tag" task: added support of image and file attributes for the text tags.
"Watermark Text" task: added the ability to wrap text.
Added the ability to set templates for date/time tags.
Selecting color from the screen: fixed work with multiple monitors.
Selecting color from the screen: added the ability to cancel the color picking.
Fixed a rare error that happening while simultaneously updating the preview and loading image for hint.
"AutoCrop" task: fixed processing the preview.
"Save As" task: spaces in the name are replaced by underscores.
"Save As" task: fixed error when saving in multi-threaded processing.
Image Monitor: fixed error on loading of the non existent folders on start.

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