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Immortal Files v2.5.104242 (x86/x64)
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Immortal Files v2.5.104242 (x86/x64)
Immortal Files v2.5.104242 (x86/x64) | 10.7 MB

Solid file-by-file backup utility. Make an exact clone of your disk in full or back up specified documents (or folders) only. Keep all your data safe off site (on remote servers) and on site (on external drives).
Back up to the cloud or a remote server
Back up to the cloud or a remote server Back up to an Google Drive, Cloud Storage, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or OpenStack Swift remote server. Store your files in different locations to reduce the risks of fire, flood, and power outages.
Use a networked disk (NAS) or another Mac OS X or Windows computer as backup storage. Copy your files by SMB or AFP protocol for maximum simplicity.

Bootable backup to an external disk
Clone all your files to a USB, eSata, or FireWire external drive to reduce risks of media damage. Create a bootable copy of your computer's operating system and applications to protect your data if your computer is stolen or damaged.

With Immortal Files you may encrypt all data located on a remote storage server (such as FTP, WebDAV, or Swift) or on an external USB, FireWire, eSata drive.

Revert to any past version of a file
View your Mac OS X file system on any previous date and time. Access any previousversion of a file at any time. Restore and delete locally. Set up a flexible schedule to delete old versions of files. Retrieve any data that was deleted locally.

10 million files & 10TB of data.
Transactional Backup: In the event of a lost connection or power outage, your backup will always remain entirely intact and undamaged. Immortal Files scans only changed folders for performance improvement. In case of any error or a lost Internet connection, Immortal Files will continue the backup or restore from the point of error.

What's New in This Release:
Add: Implement compression - add small files to zip archives
Add: Name backup by default as backup storage name
Fix: Full scan and backup should not use continue
Fix: Save settings based on uuid, backup renames do not break continue operations
Fix: Continue files name escaping - some backup names leads to errors
Fix: Log may be broken if backup name have special symbols
Fix: Expand states was not saved correctly if backup name have special symbols
Fix: Add backup storage remove button to the backup options
Fix: Immortal Files may quit if computer sync time and time move to the past
Fix: El Capitano not bootable disk protection attributes can be copied
Fix: Escape special files names, some file systems does not support special files
Fix: Crashes on 10.7 during backup to USB/Firewire
Fix: Ftp server whitch does not support espv command
Fix: Sometimes reconnect attemps may be to long even if it was obvious that reconnect will never happen
Fix: Upload/download big files in content-length mode

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